Zombies Gone Wild

This is the way the world ends; not with a bang or a whimper, but with zombies breaking down the back door!

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About Zombies Gone Wild

Our worst fears have been confirmed, zombies are on the loose as the end of the world is nigh! All good zombie movies have a troop of hunters ready to save the day, in Zombies Gone Wild from Pariplay, they are Kirra, Tarra, and Lucy. But there’s been a slight hiccough, some areas are struggling with radiation leaks. This does mean that occasionally the girls become infected and become wild zombies. And boy oh boy, they don’t half look it. From all sweetness and light to sporting a maniacal look that matches the other ugly dudes on the slot.

The slot has a modern feel to it with its funky electropop background music and graphic novel style illustrations. It also can put terror in your heart at the thought of what a post-apocalyptic world could look like. But hey, let’s not focus on that. How about you focus on all the bonus features that will put a smile back on your face.

How to play Zombies Gone Wild

Here we have those nice girls next door transforming into Wild zombies on the reels. But this does work in your favour. If they go wild and contribute to line wins some cash will be deposited in their corresponding jackpot meters. Three nice little extra jackpots to whet your appetite for some serious zombie gaming. Best of all, when they are wild during Free Spins, the girls turn into Mega Wilds for the duration. That is really going to help fill up those jackpot meters.

The hunters are the highest value symbols on the reels, with higher values attributed to them when they’ve become wild zombies. Don’t be put off by the minimum stake, because when you start racking up those wins you’ll be glad you put the money in.

Pay table symbols (based on a £1 stake)

Based on a stake of £1

10 - 5: £1 4: 40p 3: 20p J - 5: £1 4: 40p 3: 20p Q - 5: £1.50 4: 50p 3: 30p K - 5: £1.50 4: 50p 3: 30p A - 5: £1.50 4: 50p 3: 30p Green Zombie - 5: £2 4: £1 3: 40p Zombie in Hat - 5: £2 4: £1 3: 40p Bald Zombie - 5: £2 4: £1 3: 40p Kirra - 5: £3 4: £1.50 3: £1 Tarra - 5: £5 4: £2 3: £1.20 Lucy - 5: £10 4: £3 3: £1.50 Zombie Kirra - 5: £10 4: £3 3: £1.50 Zombie Tarra - 5: £10 4: £3 3: £1.50 Zombie Lucy - 5: £10 4: £3 3: £1.50

Bonus symbols

Female Hunters Random Wild Symbols - substitute for all symbols. Radiation Scatter Symbol - landing 3 triggers Free Spins.

Bonus features

During the main game, the female hunters randomly land as ‘Gone Wild’ on the reels. They substitute for all symbols. If any of the wilds contribute to line wins the jackpot meters - each related to a different zombie hunter - to the right of the reels will start filling up, once full the jackpot prize will be awarded. The Jackpot total varies depending on the bet placed; for a wager of £1, Lucy pays out £200, Tarra £75, and Kirra £25.

Once Free Spins have been triggered, after landing 3 Radiation symbols on the reels, the zombie hunters turn in to 1x2, 1x3, and 1x4 Mega Wilds for the duration.

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