Bank Transfers

Casino deposits using bank account

Bank transfer casino payments at MrQ are one of the easiest ways to pay. Connect your bank account and deposit in seconds - it's really as simple as that! How fast is it? As fast as a rocket powered cheetah on roller skates. No more waiting for several days for your deposit to hit - it's in there the moment you press confirm.

Payment MethodMinimum DepositMinimum WithdrawalMaximum Deposit
Bank Transfer£10£10See Cashier

How to make a bank transfer casino payments

Step 1: Login to your MrQ account
Step 2: Click the deposit button and select Instant Bank Transfer
Step 3: Choose how much you want to deposit
Step 4: Select your bank from the banking menu
Step 5: Sign into your bank using your online ID and confirm the payment
Step 6: Your cash will be waiting in your account to play - boom!

What is an Instant Bank Transfer?

Using fast bank transfers, you can send money from one domestic bank account to another, with no debit cards in sight. It’s fast, simple and most of all, secure. Casino deposits by bank transfer always require your authorisation. To complete a payment, you will need to login to your online banking account and approve the deposit.

How to use direct bank transfer to withdraw

Step 1: Login to your MrQ account
Step 2: Click the account icon and select "Withdraw"
Step 3: Select your bank from the drop down (as you've used it before, it should be there ready to go)
Step 4: Choose how much you wish to withdraw (remember, everything's paid in cash!)
Step 5: If everything has gone through smoothly, you'll receive a payment reference - you should receive your money within 40 minutes!

Why use online banking casino payments

Casino bank transfer payments come with a tonne of benefits. Here's all the best parts to look forward to:

  • It's free - Yes there are no fees or deposit deductions whatsoever, any money deposited is yours to play with. Noice.
  • Faster than a speeding train - Once you authorise the payment from your banking app, that's it! The money should be available to play with in seconds.
  • Maximum security - There's no need to share card details, passwords or any other sensitive details. Plus - you always have to authorise the payment, there's no money moving unless you say so.
  • No need for extra services - With e-wallets like Paypal, you need to open a new account and store your details within. But by using online casino bank transfers, there's no middlemen to deal with.


Are instant bank transfers a type of bank wire transfer?

Despite similar names, they are actually quite different. Instant bank transfers move money from one domestic bank account to another. On the other hand, wire bank transfers are used to send money internationally. While both are a type of bank transfer, instant bank payments are significantly faster.

Can I use instant bank transfers on mobile?

Yes, pay by bank casino payments are available from your smartphone or tablet device. Follow the steps above on your device to make a speedy deposit in seconds.

What are the fees for Instant Bank Transfers?

That’s one of the best parts - it’s free to use! Whatever you deposit will be credited to you in cash with no deductions at all. And remember, all winnings at MrQ are paid as real cash and yours to keep.

Can I withdraw using Instant Bank Transfers?

Yes, you can withdraw money using the same pay with bank method! Click the withdraw button and then click the instant banking option to start the transfer.

How long do online banking casino withdrawals take?

When using our Fast Bank Transfer options, it can take up to 40 minutes for the money to finally hit your account. But to keep your expectations in check, it can sometimes take a bit longer depending on certain factors. For example, if we need to verify some details, this can add some time to the withdrawal. Don't worry, if there are any major delays - we'll let you know.