Ultimate Texas Hold'em

Ultimate Texas Hold'em

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Beat the dealer in a classic poker showdown - what does the flop have in store for you?

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Min/Max Bet:50p / £500
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About Ultimate Texas Hold'em

Take on a live dealer in a classic poker showdown in Evolution Ultimate Texas Hold'em. It's all about creating the best hand from your two cards and the 5 community cards. Cards are dealt from a single deck with all Jokers removed. Place your ANTE and BLIND bets and see what the flop has in store.

The game changer here is the PLAY bet, giving you the chance to bet 4x your total stake. You can only raise once per game - and the early bird has the potential for the best winnings!

Want to spice up the action? Give the Trips side bet a spin - if you land triples or higher, you win. Risk and reward go hand in hand with this ultimate poker variant.

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How to play Ultimate Texas Hold'em

  1. Choose your chip size from the betting menu
  2. Place your ANTE bet - this will automatically place a stake on the BLIND
  3. The dealer will now dish out two cards to the player and dealer positions (dealers are face down)
  4. Check to continue with the hand as is, or raise your bet
  5. The dealer will now reveal the flop cards
  6. Check or raise again
  7. The Turn and River cards will now be revealed
  8. Check, fold or raise - it's your final time to get risky!
  9. The dealer will now flip their cards and winners will be paid out
  10. If the dealer only has a high card, the ANTE bet is pushed

How to Win Ultimate Texas Hold'Em

The way to win in Ultimate Texas Hold'Em is to have a stronger 5-card hand than the dealer at the end of the round. Wins can be achieved for as little as Straight which will award a payout of 1:1. The Royal Flush has the highest payout at 500:1.

As well as the standard bets, The Trips side bet can be activated that will award a cash prize regardless of if you beat the dealer or not. The max payout is for creating a Royal Flush which will award 50:1.

Bonus features

Trips Side Bet: Using this bonus bet, you can wager on popular poker hands and win up to 50x your stake. Place a bet on the Trips section and if you get a Three of a Kind or better, the bet wins.

Ultimate Texas Hold'em Payouts & Odds


Royal Flush500:1
Straight Flush50:1
Four of a Kind10:1
Full House3:1
All other handsPush

Trips Side Bet

Royal Flush50:1
Straight Flush40:1
Four of a Kind30:1
Full House8:1
Three of a Kind3:1


What is the Ultimate Texas Hold'em RTP?

The Ultimate Texas Hold'em return to player is 99.47% for the total main bet and 97.82% for the initial main bet. The Trips bonus bet pays out at 96.50%.

What are the Ultimate Texas Hold'em rules?

If the dealer has less than a pair, then he does not qualify for the round - in this case the Ante bet is pushed back to the player.

How does the dealer qualify?

The Ultimate Texas Hold'em dealer qualify criteria is that they must have a pair or higher. If a player has bet that round and the dealer does not qualify, the Ante is pushed.

What is the Ultimate Texas Hold'em Trips bet?

This is an optional bonus bet that pays out if a player has a Three of a Kind or better. The maximum possible payout is 50x your bet for a Royal Flush.

Where can I play Ultimate Texas Hold'em?

Right here at MrQ! We have a deluxe selection of Evolution poker card games including Ultimate Texas Hold'em, Three Card Poker and Caribbean Stud Poker.

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