Hot to Burn

How many fruits can you match? Come on in and find out - if you can handle the heat, that is...

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About Hot to Burn

Get back to basics but make sure you aren’t burning your money with Hot To Burn Slot! This Eyecon slot features classic symbols and a fiery direction, giving you the chance to win exciting sums of money, and there are no bonus features or games to distract you from the aim of spinning reels to win cold, hard cash.

Consider it a streamlined slot - there are no unnecessary extras, but purists are sure to enjoy the vibrant fruit and tantalising paylines.

How to play Hot to Burn

You’ll recognise the symbols from other games, as we’re into fruit territory here - with 5 reels filled with cherries, lemons and watermelons, it feels familiar - with fire dotted around the edges of the playboard too. There are just 5 paylines on this slot, which might seem like a small number, but all symbols pay out generously.

Get 5 7 symbols, the most valuable on the board, and you’ll win £1000! There aren’t any Wild symbols at all, which is a little unusual for slots like these, but you can still find some exciting ways to win...

Pay table symbols (based on a £1 stake)

Based on a £1 spin

Cherries - 5: £40 4: £10 3: £4 2: £1.

Lemon/Orange/Plum - 5: £40 4: £10 3: £4.

Star (Scatter) - 5: £50 4: £10 3: £2.

Strawberry/Watermelon - 5: £100 4: £40 3: £10.

7 - 5: £1000 4: £200 3: £20.

Bonus symbols

Scatter symbol - Pays on any position.

Bonus features

As well as there being no Wild symbols, this slot is lacking in bonus features too - not even the humble Free Spin makes an appearance here. The main draw to this slot is the chance of getting some high wins (and the opportunity to make your money too Hot To Burn) - as, let’s face it, who doesn’t want to win 1000x their bet?

There is still a Scatter symbol however, and it pays out pretty well, with the chance to win £50 from a £1 bet. It pays on any position too, so don’t worry about those paylines!

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