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Everything you need to know about RTP

Discover all you need to know on slot and casino RTP including how it works, calculations, and how volatility affects game return to player.

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What is RTP?

The term RTP stands for Return To Player and indicates the average returns the player can expect when playing a slot. RTP is based on percentages with the total session bet amount accounting for 100%. 

RTP is calculated based on averages across millions of simulated spins before a slot is assigned its RTP value. The personal RTP (your experiences) can be higher or lower on a small number of spins but is highly likely to settle on the assigned average over long periods of play. The slot RTP is then the total percentage returned to the player over a long period of time.

For example:

  • You make £100 in bets in your current session which is valued as the initial 100%
  • The played slot RTP is set at 96%
  • Assuming the game returns the theoretical average, your average return is 96% which will result in an average return of £96

An aspect to keep in mind is that while the RTP dictates the overall potential Return To Player, slots are still based on a system of RNG meaning that there is always a chance that a spin could win or lose. Before a game is released to the public, game developers use specialised testing labs to verify the integrity of both the RNG and RTP.

If you want a more in-depth look at some of the top RTP slots and casino games on MrQ, check out our list of the Top RTP games on MrQ to get you started on your adventure. The RTP of any game can also be found in the game's individual paytable options.


Volatility and RTP

Along with RTP, volatility is another component of slots that can affect the average results of spins. Volatility dictates the average win rate of a slot and is also linked to the expected level of return on a given win. Volatility for a slot is calculated in a scale of Low-High with varying degrees of hit rate for each slot. The overall scale and its meaning looks like this:

Volatility LevelWhat it meansWhat to expect
LowPayouts are generally lower but there is a stronger chance of achieving a win on any given spinFrequent wins on each spin with low payouts
Low-MedPayouts are generally lower but there is a fair chance of achieving a win on any given spinSemi-frequent wins on each spin with lower payouts
MediumPayouts are fair and the chance of achieving a win is equally fairFair level of wins on each spin with equally fair payouts
Med-HighPayouts are higher but the chance of achieving a win on any given spin is lowerLower chance of winning on each spin with higher payouts
HighPayouts are significantly higher but the chance of achieving a win on any given spin is lowerLower chance of winnings on each spin with significantly higher payouts

Slots with higher RTP percentages are generally lower volatility as the overall return to player is higher from frequent wins. High volatility slots generally have lower RTP percentages but the potential payouts are higher for successful wins.

Similarly to RTP, volatility can only give an impression of the average results over long periods of time. RNG is still the main contributor meaning there is always a chance that a spin could win or lose.

MrQ is the Home of Top RTP Slots and Casino Titles

We pride ourselves on being the top of the pops when it comes to high RTP slots and casino games in the UK. Need the proof? Check out Does Slot RTP Matter to match us against some of the top casino names in the game and see for yourself how we stack up. 

Online Casino RTP


Much like with slots, online and live casino games also have an RTP percentage that is calculated based on millions of rounds. Unlike slots, casino game’s RTP is calculated based on the House Edge of the given game. Online Blackjack games possess the highest RTP of 99%+ as it possesses the lowest House Edge of any traditional casino game of as little as 0.5%.

For example:

  • A Blackjack game possesses an RTP of 99.50%
  • The remaining 0.5% is the House Edge
  • On £100 worth of bets, the average return will be £99.50 over long periods of time

Live online casino games can also vary on RTP as the House Edge can be lowered through the use of an optimal strategy. For games like live Blackjack or Poker, while RNG still plays a role in what cards appear in a given round, the player has more ways to strategise with their hand to make the best moves possible. Check out our Blackjack Charts and Poker Card and Hand Value blogs for more info on how you can maximise your table casino strategies.

Top 5 tips for slots and casino RTP

  1. Check out a game’s RTP percentage- A game’s RTP can help determine your overall potential return over a long period of time. Check out the RTP score for any slot or casino game in its paytable to get a better idea of the average return to player and the volatility level.
  2. Make a note of volatility level- As well as RTP, it is always important to understand a game’s volatility level to get a better idea of the potential payouts and the average likelihood of triggering a win. Test out low and high volatility slots to decide what works best for you
  3. Shop around- There is a world of slots to explore with hundreds of games to choose from. Find the game that fits you best as there are tons of slots with unique themes, mechanics, and features to play.
  4. Try out new games and variations- There’s more than just standard slots to enjoy so dip your toes in and find your favourite. Play exciting slot variations including Slingo, Megaways or hit the casino table for the top live casino games from Evolution.
  5. Play within your means- Above all else, make sure that you are always keeping to comfortable levels of play for both time and budget. If you need some assistance in setting limits such as session limits, deposit limits, or just want to take a break, then check out our extensive range of Safer Gambling Tools


What does RTP mean?

RTP stands for Return To Player and dictates the expected percentage return for a player playing a slot or casino game over a long period of time.

How does slot RTP work?

RTP for slots works in a similar way as House Edge works for casino games. The full percentage of your bet is 100% and, through calculations, RTP percentage is made based on the remaining amount of that initial bet returned to the player over a long period of time.

How do I calculate RTP?

Calculating RTP is simple. Start with 100% of your current bet and subtract the RTP percentage of the slot played from the total. If a slot has an RTP of 96%, then you can expect an average return of 96% your total bets over a long period of time.

Are Slot RTPs affected by bet size?

The RTP of a slot is not affected by the current bet level and will not change regardless of the bet played. Some slots include bonus features with different RTPs that can either be activated through additional features or by unlocking them during play.

What slot has the highest RTP on MrQ?

The slot with the highest RTP on MrQ is 1429 Uncharted Seas with an RTP of 98.50%. For every £10 bet, the average return to player is £9.85 based on long periods of play.

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