Mega Heist Slot

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What juicy swag lies within the heavily guarded vault? Crack the code and make your escape with bundles of juicy cash prizes.

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Min/Max Bet:10p/£5
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About Mega Heist

Mask up for the heist of the ages in the Mega Heist slot from Relax. The plans are laid out and it's time for the ultimate score. Crack the safe and discover bundles of bonus features on your getaway. Land 2 or more Scatters and let the getaway begin with up to 4 robbers making a run for it. Get the robbers to the other side of the reels without getting caught to win their visible prize with plenty of upgrades along the way. Activate the feature with 3 or more Scatters for the Mega Heist with up to 40 robbers creating the ultimate crack squad. Make your getaway in up to 3 unlockable locations and swipe up to 15,000x your total bet in cash prizes.

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How to play Mega Heist

  1. Choose your bet level and press spin to begin
  2. Match 3 or more symbols along the 178 potential paylines to win
  3. 2 Scatters activates the Escape Bonus game and awards 4 robbers 
  4. Get the robbers to the end of the trail to win their visible cash value
  5. Bonus modifiers including multipliers and Scatters can be collected during the feature
  6. 3 or more Scatters activates the Mega Heist bonus game and awards up to 40 robbers
  7. The Mega Heist starts at level 1 and will upgrade up to level 3 whenever the Bank value is completely collected by the robbers 
  8. Each time a robber passes into the green zone, you are awarded 1 additional robber to take from the Bank value

Pay table symbols

Based on a £1 bet

  • Cop- 5:£20
  • Yellow/Green/Blue Robber- 5:£6
  • Cuffs/Dice/Soap- 5:£3
  • Heart/Spade/Club/Diamond- 5:£2

Bonus symbols

  • Wild- Substitutes for any paytable symbol
  • Scatter- Activates Escape/Mega Heist bonus games

Bonus features

Escape Bonus- 2 Scatters activates the Escape bonus and awards 4 robbers. During the feature, robbers will move from left to right with a cash value attached to each robber. If they make it into the green zone, then their visible value is awarded as a cash prize. Cops can appear above any of the reels and, if a robber is visible on the same reel, they are caught and the prize value is lost. Along the way special multipliers can be collected that will add to the robber value and Scatters can be awarded for the chance to activate the Mega Heist bonus game. 

Mega Heist Bonus- 3 or more Scatters activates the Mega Heist bonus game with a max of 5 awarding 40 robbers. The feature is played similiar to the Escape bonus but with 3 unlockable levels and a number of additional bonuses. Each level contains a total value that can be collected and, when the value is met, then the level is upgraded and the total available pot is increased. Each time a robber reaches the green zone, you will also be awarded 1 additional robber to continue the action.

Mega Heist Bonus Special Symbols- The Mega Heist bonus contains a number of bonus symbols to help along the way including:

MultiplierAdds a 2x-10x multiplier to the robber value
+ RobbersAdds up to 5 additional Robbers to the remaining pool
DisguiseRobber gains a disguise and cannot be caught by the cops
No CopsNo Cops will appear on the current round
BikeTakes up to 2 robbers on the same row instantly to the safe zone
VanTakes up to 8 robbers from the row and any adjacent rows to the safe zone


Can I activate free spins on Mega Heist?

Mega Heist does not contain a traditional free spins mode but features the Mega Heist bonus game that is activated by landing 3 or more Scatters. During the feature, up to 40 robbers are awarded and the feature continues until all robbers have been caught by the cops.

Can I play Mega Heist on mobile?

Start the big score on the go as Mega Heist is fully compatible on all mobile devices. Sign up to MrQ today and play over 900 real money mobile slots and casino games.

What is the Mega Heist RTP?

The RTP for Mega Heist is 96.50% RTP. For every £10 bet, the average return to player is £9.65 based on long periods of play.

What is the max win for Mega Heist?

The max win for Mega Heist is 16,491x your total bet.

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