Treasure Island Live

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X marks the spot on the treasure map! Sail with the pirate crew and uncover buried riches worth a yo-ho-ho!

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Min/Max Bet:10p/£100
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About Treasure Island Live

Grab your pegleg and eyepatch and set sail in the Treasure Island live casino game from Pragmatic Play. Sail with the SS Pragmatic in search of the fabled Treasure Island. Spin on the giant pirate wheel and unlock awesome cash prizes or trigger 1 of 6 bonus games. Bag a treasure chest in the Wild Collector bonus, go gem hunting in the Great Scavenger bonus, tumble down for awesome prizes in John Silver's Loot, go Pachinko crazy in Ben's Lost Marbles, x marks the spot in Billy Bones' Map or descend to riches in the Captain Flint's Treasure bonus game for a captain's sum of awesome treasures.

How to play Treasure Island Live

  1. Choose your chip size and place your bets during the bet phase
  2. Once the timer expires, the mini reels will spin to add multipliers and the live dealer will spin the wheel
  3. If the wheel lands in a Ruby, Topaz or Emerald space, then a cash prize is awarded with a mini reel multiplier added randomly
  4. If the wheel lands on any of the six bonus games, it will activate and be awarded to any successful bets on those spaces
  5. Up to 6 bonus games are available including Wild Collector, Great Scavenger, John Silver's Loot, Ben's Lost Marbles, Billy Bones' Map and Captain Flint's Treasure

Bonus features

Gem Multipliers- At the start of each round, 3 mini reels sit below the wheel and spin for multipliers relating to each of the 3 Gem bet types (Topaz, Emerald and Ruby). If a successful bet is made on one of those 3 bets, then their base payout is dependent on the multiplier spin by the mini reels with Topaz having up to a 10x multipler, Emerald having 40x and Ruby having a max multiplier of up to 100x. The multipliers are random on every round. 

Bonus Games- As well as Gem bet spaces, up to 6 bonus games can be unlocked on successful bets including:

Game NameNumber of Available SpacesDescription
Wild Collector3A random number of Gem bet spaces are lit up on the wheel and landing on the Wild Collector space will award all lit up space values as a cash prize
Great Scavenger4Up to 6 lights can activate on each of the 3 mini reels and, when the Great Scavenger is landed, 1 of the mini reels are selected at random and will award 1-6 cash multipliers based on the winning Gem type (Topaz, Emerald, Ruby)
John Silver's Loot2A tombola style lotto machine is activated that will award balls corresponding to each of the 3 Gem types. Multipliers are spun at random with each awarded ball activating its corresponding Gem multiplier. 10 balls are drawn in total. Drawing a Black Ball will lover the number of awarded balls by 5
Ben's Lost Marbles3A Pachinko style game is played with a dice determining the number of balls released (5-55 balls) with segments containing multipliers. Drop the balls with each successful landed ball awarding the bucket multiplier. Balls that fall to the bottom will not award a prize. 
Billy Bones' Map2Open up the map and select 5 spaces to reveal Gem prizes or a Key. If 3 keys are discovered, then you can unlock the treasure chest containing the top prize of up to 16,000x. 
Captain Flint's Treasure1A number of barrels can be selected that will contain cash prizes or skulls. Select a barrel and reveal a gem to collect the prize and move down an additional level (up to 6 levels) with increasing prizes on each level. If you unearth a skull, all cash prizes awarded thus far are paid and the feature ends with no further picks. 

Treasure Island Live Payouts & Odds

Bet TypePayout RatioPayout (Based on a £1 bet)
Emerald 1-40:1£1-£40
Wild Collector2-900:1£2-£900
Great Scavenger4-450:1£4-£450
John Silver's Loot2-10,000:1£2-£10,000
Ben's Lost Marbles4-10,000:1£4-£10,000
Billy Bones' Map5-16,000:1£5-£16,000
Captain Flint's Treasure10-15,000:1£10-£15,000


Does Treasure Island Live feature a live dealer?

Treasure Island Live features a live casino dealer who will spin the wheel, interact with the live chat and announce the results of each exciting round. Say hi at any time using the live chat function.

Can I play Treasure Island Live on mobile?

Bring the pirate crew and set sail on the go as Treasure Island Live is fully compatible on all mobile devices. Sign up to MrQ today and play over 900 real money mobile slots and casino games.

What is the Treasure Island Live RTP?

The RTP for Treasure Island Live is 96.58%. For every £10 bet, the average return to player is £9.65 based on long periods of play.

What is the max win for Treasure Island Live?

The max win for Treasure Island Live is 16,000x your total bet.

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