Monopoly Live

Monopoly Live

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This is Monopoly like you’ve never played before and it’s live! All the favourites are here including Chance, Community Chest, and the dreaded Go to Jail.

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Min/Max Bet:10p/£485
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About Monopoly Live

Monopoly Live is based on the world-famous board game and brings the action in a whole new way! Spin the wheel in this thrilling live money wheel game and win real cash prizes. Mr Monopoly is itching to show you around town so keep an eye out for the special bonus game spaces on the wheel. Roll the dice and watch as Mr Monopoly collects stunning bonuses including win multipliers and instant cash prizes!

The Monopoly Live Casino games ups the ante by allowing you to interact with other players or the live host and be part of the excitement with the chat feature- Monopoly is a game that is made better with others after all! Place your bets, win real cash, and play some sensational bonuses with the iconic gentleman in the top hat.

How to play Monopoly Live

  1. Choose your total chip size in the betting window
  2. Place your chips on single number bets
  3. Once bets close, the dealer will spin the Monopoly Live wheel
  4. Special 2 and 4 dice rolls spaces will award the special bonus game
  5. If the wheel stops on your selected number, then you win real cash prizes

How to Win Monopoly Live

The way to win in Monopoly Live is to accurately predict the result of the wheel spin by betting on up to 6 available spaces. The number 1 makes up the most potential segments on the wheel with 22 and has the lowest payout of 1:1. The number 10 is the highest valued number space with only 4 segments and a payout of 10:1.

As well as this, Monopoly Live contains 4 Bonus Game spaces that, when a successful bet is made, will qualify you for the bonus game where a number of total bet multipliers can be collected. This can be achieved by placing a bet on 2 Rolls or 4 Rolls which will award that number of dice rolls depending on the space that wins. The Chance space also awards instant cash prizes and covers 2 segments on the wheel.

Bonus features

Chance- Mr Monopoly draws a chance card that will reveal either a win multiplier or an instant cash prize. If a multiplier is awarded then the current bet will stand and any winnings will be paid with the additional multiplier value e.g. a £5 with a 5x multiplier will pay £25 winnings!

2/4 Rolls- If you have bet on and the wheel lands on one of the special 2 or 4 dice roll spaces, then the bonus game activates. The bonus game will bring you to the classic virtual Monopoly board where Mr Monopoly will give you a hand with finding some juicy bonuses and cash prizes. The number of dice rolls is either 2 or 4 depending on which one of the two spaces you land on. You can add an additional roll for rolling doubles just like in the board game.

Monopoly Live Payouts & Odds

Wheel SegmentNumber of SegmentsPayouts
Chance2Cash Prize
2 Rolls3Triggers Monopoly bonus with 2 rolls
4 Rolls1Triggers Monopoly bonus with 4 rolls


How do I activate the bonus game in Monopoly Live?

The bonus game is activated by landing the roulette wheel on either the 2 rolls or 4 rolls. Make sure you place a bet on those spaces to be able to play the bonus game.

What is the Monopoly Live RTP?

The RTP for Monopoly Live overall is between 92.88-96.23%. Highest single number RTP is the number 2 space with 96.23%

How do I win in Monopoly Live?

You can win in Monopoly Live by placing a successful bet on the available numbers. You can place multiple bets during any game to increase your chances of having a winning bet.

What is the max payout in Monopoly Live?

The max payout for Monopoly Live is 10,000x total bet. This means that a £1 bet could return a maximum single game winning of £10,000!

Can I play Monopoly Live on mobile?

Strut down the Monopoly boulevard from anywhere as Monopoly Live is fully compatible on all mobile devices. Sign up to MrQ today and enjoy authentic live casino games with real cash on all winnings.

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