Dream Catcher Casino Game

Spin the wheel and you could land a dream win in this thrilling game show.

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RTP:89.88% - 95.24%
Min/Max Bet:10p / £1,000
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About Dream Catcher Casino Game

Spin the big money wheel, land dreamy cash prizes - Live Dream Catcher is the Evolution game show where you play the starring role. Place your chips on one of the six betting positions - if the wheel lands on your spot, you take a cash prize.

See those multiplier segments? These are your ticket for some truly juicy prizes. If the wheel lands on the 2x or 7x sections of the wheel, the next wheel stop will receive the multiplier bonus.

Best of all: multipliers stack together - giving the final prize a potential mega boost! What are you waiting for? Give that wheel a spin and see where it lands at MrQ.

How to play Dream Catcher Casino Game

Dream Catcher is a live game show played with a big money wheel. Here's how to bet and play a round:

  1. Choose your chips from the betting menu
  2. Click one of the 6 betting positions to place your bet
  3. Once bets close, the presenter will spin the wheel
  4. Wherever the wheel lands is the winner - all bets are paid and the next game starts
  5. If the wheel lands on a multiplier, the dealer will respin the wheel - cross your fingers the next spin lands on your number!

Bonus features

Multiplier Segments: If the wheel lands on a 7x or 2x multiplier segment, the dealer will respin the wheel. If the next spin lands on one of the 6 bets, the value of that position will receive the multiplier.

If the next wheel spin lands on a multiplier, then the value of the multiplier will be multiplied together with the previous multiplier. For example, if the wheel lands on a 2x segment and then a 7x segment - the next multiplier will be 14x!

Dream Catcher Payouts & Odds

SegmentPayoutNumber of Segments


What is the Dream Catcher RTP?

The Dream Catcher return to player sits between 89.88% - 95.24% depending on your betting position.

Can I view Dream Catcher casino statistics?

Yes, you can. Click the chart button beside the auto-play button to view the last 49 winning wheel positions.

How do I play Dream Catcher?

Choose your chips and place your bet on the 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 or 40 segments. If the wheel lands on your bet, you win!

What are the Dream Catcher odds?

The odds depend on which position you place a bet on. With the 1 segment offering the highest odds to win with 23 out of 52 total wheel segments. The least likely winning positions are the Red, 7x and 2x multiplier segments - with only one wheel position each.

How many numbers are on the Dream Catcher wheel?

There are a total of 52 numbers - 23 yellow (segments), 15 blue, 7 purple, 4 green, 2 orange, 1 red and the 7x/2x multipliers.

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