Dragon Tiger

Do you side with the dragon or the tiger? Test your skills against a real casino dealer in this exciting Baccarat variation.

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Min/Max Bet:50p/£1,000
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About Dragon Tiger

Become top dog when the chips are down with Dragon Tiger by Evolution. Play one of the most popular Baccarat games live with a real casino dealer. Place your bet on Dragon or Tiger and reap the rewards with up to £25,000 up for grabs every game!

Dragon Tiger is a 2 card Baccarat variation with players selecting either dragon or tiger to have the higher hand. Test your luck, interact with the real casino dealer, and win real cash with absolutely no wagering fees!

How to play Dragon Tiger

  1. Place your bets on either Dragon or Tiger
  2. The dealer will dish out one card for both sides and these will be flipped
  3. The side with the highest valued card wins at 1:1
  4. Any bets placed on Tie will pay out if both sides have the same card value
  5. Any bets placed on Suited Tie will pay out if both sides have the same card value and suit with payouts at 50:1

Bonus features

Tie- Places a bet for both hands to be of identical value e.g. both hands show a King. Successful Tie bets pay out at 11:1 total stake.

Suited Tie- Places a bet for both hands to be of identical value and suit e.g. both hands show a King of hearts. Successful Suited Tie bets pay out the maximum potential winnings at 50:1.

Dragon Tiger Payouts & Odds

Suited Tie50:1


Can I win real cash playing Dragon Tiger on MrQ?

All of the live casino offerings on MrQ are real money casino games where winnings can be withdrawn for real cash. Try out Dragon Tiger today for as little as £5 and win some real money prizes!

What is the biggest difference between Dragon Tiger and Baccarat?

Biggest difference between the two games is that Dragon Tiger only uses 1 card per hand as opposed to Baccarat which uses 2. This makes Dragon Tiger a simple table casino game that can be learned and mastered in minutes!

What is the highest win in Dragon Tiger?

Highest win on Dragon Tiger is for placing a successful bet on Suited Tie which pays out at 50:1. At the highest potential bet level, this means a potential single game winnings of £25,000.

How do I win Dragon Tiger?

The way to win Dragon Tiger is to place a successful bet on the hand that has the higher card value at the end of the round e.g. an Ace on Dragon beats a Queen on Tiger.

Where can I play Dragon Tiger online?

You can play all of the finest Evolution live casino games, including Dragon Tiger, on MrQ. Sign up today and play the top real money live casino for as little as £5 per game.

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