Flash Pays Magician LuckyTap

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What lies under the magic hat? Conduct dazzling magic and stupify with real cash prizes.

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Min/Max Bet:20p/£5
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About Flash Pays Magician LuckyTap

There’s a sprinkle of magic afoot in Flash Pays Magician LuckyTap from Design Works Gaming. Pull up your magic gloves and conduct spellbinding tricks that are sure to shock and aew. Pull a rabbit from the hat to dazzle the crowd and win up to 18 instant cash prizes. Add mystical multipliers of up to 7x that can be applied to any round that awards 10 or less cash prizes. Trigger the Bonus Dice game and roll the dice to add sensational cash prizes with a chance to build up some truly other-wordly wins.

How to play Flash Pays Magician LuckyTap

  1. Choose your bet level and press spin to begin
  2. The magic wand will be waved and either result in nothing or a rabbit appearing in the hat
  3. If a rabbit appears in the hat, 3-18 cash prizes will be awarded at random
  4. If 10 or less prizes are awarded, the multiplier feature can trigger randomly and add a multiplier 2x-7x to the total win value
  5. Bonus symbols can also be awarded on winning rounds with 3 activating the Dice Bonus game 
  6. During the Dice Bonus, roll the dice with each number combination adding cash prizes 
  7. Land a 7 on the dice to end the mode and collect all awarded prize values

Pay table symbols

Available prize values based on a £1 bet

  • £500
  • £100
  • £50
  • £25
  • £15
  • £10
  • £5
  • £4
  • £3
  • £2
  • £1.50
  • £1
  • 75p
  • 50p
  • 25p

Bonus symbols

  • Multipliers- Activates on winning rounds and awards a 2x-7x multiplier
  • Bonus- Activates Dice Bonus game

Bonus features

Cash Prize Multipliers- After any win achieved that awards 10 or less cash prizes, a random multiplier can activate and add 2x-7x to all available cash prize values. Once the multipliers are applied, then all of the activated wins are awarded for the winning round. 

Dice Bonus- 3 Bonus symbols will trigger the Dice Bonus game with 2 dice awarded. Roll the dice with different combinations of numbers awarding cash prizes. Each prize awarded will be collected and additional rolls awarded until 7 is rolled on the dice. The available dice rolls and prizes are:

Dice RollResult
6 or 82x
5 or 93x
4 or 104x
3 or 116x
2 or 1210x
7 on roll 17x Collect all prize values and end mode
7 on roll 2+Collect all prize values and end mode


Can I activate free spins on Flash Pays Magician LuckyTap?

Flash Pays Magician LuckyTap does not contain free spins but 3 Bonus symbols will trigger the Dice Bonus game with 2 dice. Roll on the dice to win cash prizes and continue to roll and collect prizes until a 7 is rolled.

What is the Flash Pays Magician LuckyTap RTP?

The RTP for Flash Pays Magician LuckyTap is 96.74%. For every £10 bet, the average return to player is £9.67 based on long periods of play.

Can I play Flash Pays Magician LuckyTap on mobile?

As if by magic you can enjoy the action of Flash Pays Magician LuckyTap on all of your favourite mobile devices. Sign up to MrQ today and play over 900 real money mobile slots and casino games.

How to win Flash Pays Magician LuckyTap casino game?

The way to win in Flash Pays Magician LuckyTap is to have a rabbit appear in the hat which can trigger on any round. Once activated, 3-18 cash prizes are awarded including the chance to trigger the Dice Bonus game.

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