Top 20 Slot Myths Debunked

Answering the top slot mysteries

Slots are one of the most popular forms of gaming in both land casinos and online. To date, there are over 15,000+ slot games with that number growing exponentially every year with top releases from the best providers. Slots work on a system of random chance called RNG (random number generator) which dictates that, on every spin, the results are random and fair.

Over the years, however, a plethora of secret myths, strategies, and tips have come to light trying to find ways to increase the odds of winning. Read on as we go full Mythbusters on the top 20 slots myths and legends; which ones will end up being true?

What are slot myths?

Since the original mechanical slots hit the gaming market at the tail-end of the 19th century, players have tried to find ways of increasing their chances of winning. Over the years, many rumours and myths have spread about ways to overcome the random nature of slots. Slots paying out more at night, jackpots only paying out on more expensive bets - many superstitions have been born of players trying to maximise their winning chances.

When online slots grew in popularity, many of the old rumours surfaced with some new ones also appearing to try and understand the seemingly random nature of slot games. Slots, because of their luck-based nature, have bred a plethora of different strategies and myths, both weird and wonderful; with some persisting to this day. Some are based on superstitions while some are used to try and make sense of the various mechanics and features that make up our favourite slots.

The Top 20 Slots Myths Answered

#1- Slots pay out more at night

Slots work on a system of RNG that is automated to provide completely random and fair results on every spin. No need to set your alarm as slots have a chance of winning on any spin at any point in the day.

#2- Slots have hot and cold streaks

While it may seem like some slots are more generous than others, there is no pattern to when slots will have win streaks. The phrase you win some, you lose some rings true as slots have the chance to win on every spin. Higher RTP slots do have a better return over a long period of time but cannot be used to decide on a short-term basis.

#3- Jackpots only trigger on high bets

Most jackpots available on online slots can be triggered at any bet level meaning you always have a chance to win. Some slots include a minimum bet to qualify but higher bets have no inherent advantage to trigger jackpot features.

#4- Slots are rigged so you don’t win big

All of the slots available online are rigorously checked and tested to ensure random results that are fair for every player. Each spin is decided by a complex algorithm of RNG and, once available, cannot be tampered with or “rigged”.

#5- Free Spins have less chance of causing big wins

Free spins have as much chance of winning as any other spin. In fact, for many games, Free Spins modes can add ways to increase your winnings including exciting multipliers, expanding symbols, and even additional reels so you can try your luck and rack up juicy wins.

#6- Playing at the max bet level increases the chances of winning

Playing at the max bet level increases the payout for each paytable symbol but has no inherent advantage on winning odds. Whether you play at the lowest or the highest bet levels, you have an equal shot of being a lucky winner.

#7- Using Auto Play causes less overall wins

Using Auto Play has as much chance of triggering a win as manual spins as it still works on the same RNG mechanic. Auto Play is a perfectly viable option for your slots action if you just want to sit back and enjoy the action. Make sure you set a limit when using Auto Play so you only spend what you are comfortable with. Please note that the Auto Play feature is not available in the UK.

#8- Land-based slots are more fair than online slots

Land casino slots use the same technology as online slots meaning that they are both equally random in their results. Land casino slots have no inherent advantage over online and are supplied from the same provider with the same stats for both.

#9- All slots have the same payout

Slots have different payouts including max wins and RTP percentages. Check any game’s paytable to get a better idea of all of the payouts for each paytable symbol as well as the average return to player and potential maximum win available. Some slots also contain exciting jackpot features that are calculated separately from the game’s winnings.

#10- Your betting pattern can affect the odds of winning

Changing up your bet levels periodically does not influence your chances of winning as slot results are random on every spin. Changing up your bets, however, is not a bad idea if you want to try out slots at higher bet levels or want to better manage your budget with lower value spins.

#11- Higher RTP slots have a higher chance of winning

While not true on a short-term basis, higher RTP slots have a higher average return to player over a long period of time and play. If a slot has an RTP of 96% then, for every £10 bet made, the average return to player is £9.60 based on long periods of play. It works similarly to how House Edge does in casino games as it gives an average amount that the player is expected to win. Check a game’s paytable in the settings to see its RTP.

#12- Lower RTP slots always pay less

Not necessarily true. While lower RTP slots have a lower player return on average, most lower RTP slots make up for this by having high-paying symbols or bonus features. A lot of lower RTP slots also have bonus games and free spins modes to increase your chances of achieving big wins.

#13- Setting a budget can help maximise your slots fun

Very true. Setting a limit for yourself is important for keeping things fun and manageable at all times. Spend only what you are comfortable with and know when to take a break or call it a day. If you need more help with setting budgets or session limits, check out our fully flexible safer gambling tools that you can set in minutes.

#14- You don’t need to look at a game’s paytable

Paytables are not necessary for simply playing a slot but they are very helpful for giving you more info on how a game plays. Paytables are great for explaining bonus features, giving you the values of each symbol, and finding the RTP for each game. Familiarise yourself with a game’s paytable to maximise your fun and discover your favourite bonus mechanics.

#15- More paylines means higher likelihood of winning

While having more paylines gives you more options for landing those all-important wins, the results of the spin are still up to RNG for what symbols appear. Shop around for the slots that work best for you whether it's a classic 10 line slot or a super deluxe Megaways slot with over 100,000 ways to win.

#16- Sticking to 1 slot has more chance of creating wins

Neither right nor wrong. Sticking with 1 slot is a perfectly viable strategy and, if you have a go-to, then feel free to stick with it. Alternatively, you can shop around on a multitude of different slots with a variety of bonus features, mechanics, and RTPs. Find your favourite and enjoy the adventure.

#17- Jackpots only pay out at certain times

This can be true depending on the feature. Most jackpot features can be triggered at any time of day on any spin but some are time-specific and are guaranteed triggers after certain periods of time. Perfect examples of this are Red Tiger’s Daily Drop jackpots that have an hourly and daily jackpot that is guaranteed to win after the timer expires but can be won on any spin. Skywind has a similar feature with their progressive Must Win jackpots that can be won on any participating spin and become a guaranteed win after the timer expires.

This is not true as all slots, new or old, have the same RNG mechanic. New slots, however, can have increased RTPs over older slots and feature innovative bonus features to help you along the way. Try out new slots as they become available and shop around to find the game that suits you best.

#19- There is no way to increase your chances of winning for a slot

While this is true on a basic level because of the random chance nature of slots, there are a few features you can keep an eye on to better your chances of winning. Checking a game’s RTP gives you a better idea of the average return to player and checking the bonus features can help with figuring out what exciting bonuses are up for grabs including free spins, multipliers, and instant wins. Some games also include an additional bet booster mechanic that increases the chances of landing specific symbols or triggering bonus games for an additional percentage increase on your current bet.

#20- Making use of casino bonus promotions will give you extra chances to win

This one is true. Online casinos will frequently advertise promotions where you can bag free spins on some of the top slots available. The free spins offered are real money spins where any winnings are added to your account as real cash.

Top Slots to get you started

Looking to test these myths for yourself or just found your new go-to strategy? Here are some of the most popular slots from our players to try out your new knowledge on MrQ.

Starburst96.10%Blast off on an adventure among the stars with plenty of glistening jewels to collect. Starburst comes from NetEnt and has remained one of the most popular slots online with its multi-directional line wins and dazzling Expand Wild that covers the reels. Discovering the expanding Wild will also trigger a free respin with up to 3 respins up for grabs for landing Wilds in reels 2,3, and 4.
Book of Dead96.21%Take to the tombs and help adventurer, Rich Wilde, in his quest to reclaim the ancient Book of Dead. Set in the ancient crypts of ancient Egypt, the reels are filled with golden sarcophagi, Anubis, and our plucky adventurer to be matched across 10 potential paylines. Finding 3 or more of the Scatter symbol triggers 10 free spins and unleashes the mystical power of the expanding symbol. Match up the expanding symbol and watch as it fills the reels to create even bigger wins.
Fishin' Frenzy Megaways96.10%Grab your favourite fishing hat and head out to the water for a mega day on the Megaways. Featuring over 15,000+ potential paylines and up to 7 symbols on each of the 6 available reels, Fishin’ Frenzy Megaways promises to be a good day on the water. Discover special Scatter symbols to activate the free spins mode and land the Collector symbol with any blue fish symbols to have him collect all of their attached money values for instant wins. Catch up to 50x your total bet per fish and win a real catch-of-the-day.
Squids In!96.24%A Squid-rific exclusive slot on MrQ featuring the smiling squid himself. Fill the reels with classic casino symbols including bells, cherries, and lucky 7s to win real cash. Discover the free spins symbols and take a spin on the wheel for up to 30 free spins with an additional 3x multiplier on all wins during the mode. Also, be on the lookout for the special Squids In! Symbols that can be collected to win an Epic Strike instant cash prize including up to 2,000x your total bet for collecting 9. Collect the squids and win Kraken prizes.

Where can I play slots online?

You can put all of the working slot myths and strategies to the test on MrQ with over 900 slots and casino games to try out. Sign up today and play all of the top slots from the best providers and claim real cash rewards on every win.


Do slots pay out more at night?

No. Online slots work on a system of RNG (random number generator) meaning that every spin at any time or bet level has the chance to win.

Do online slots win less often than land-casino slots?

All slots, both online and in land casinos, are randomised on every spin to ensure fairness meaning neither inherently wins more often. The best way to tell what slots win more often is to check the individual slot’s RTP as this dictates the return-to-player expected.

Can you only win a jackpot at a high bet level?

Not at all. Most online slot jackpot features can be played at any bet level with every spin having the chance of activating a special jackpot prize. Try it out on some of the top jackpot slots on MrQ including Mega Moolah, Jackpot King, and Daily Drop jackpots.

Can I win real cash playing slots online?

All of the slots on MrQ are real money slots where winnings can be withdrawn for cash. This also goes for the extensive library of table casino, live casino, and bingo games available on-site.

Can I play slots on mobile?

You can have a world of slots from some of the top providers at your fingertips on MrQ. Sign up today and play over 900 exciting slots and casino games that are fully optimised for comfortable play on all of your favourite mobile devices.

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