Roadkill Slot

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Why did the chicken not make it across the road? Go full throttle and make a splat with real cash prizes.

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Min/Max Bet:20p/£4
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About Roadkill

Burn rubber in the Roadkill slot from NoLimit City. Get revved up for a petrol-fuelled road rage where even the wildlife aren’t safe. Land 2 Scatters to trigger the Call to Arms bonus game and rev up the engines with 2 Wilds that will move around the reels. Activate 1 of 2 cars that will cause a splat and add even more Wilds and respins to the feature. Activate up to 3 Wilds during the mode that will add extra effects including multipliers, additional Wilds, or split Wilds that will act as 2 Wilds in a win. Trigger the Team Assemble free spins mode with all 3 Wilds active for the duration of the mode with guaranteed car upgrades on every 5th spin. Upgrade your Wilds and get ready for the Junkyard Assault super bonus game with guaranteed car upgrades on every spin an a collective Wild upgrade that will apply to all 3 Wilds when activated.

How to play Roadkill

  1. Choose your bet level and press spin to begin
  2. Match 3 or more symbols along the 99 potential paylines to win
  3. 2 Scatters activates the Call to Arms bonus game with 2 of 3 potential Wilds 
  4. During Call to Arms, 2 Hearts are awarded and the Wilds will move around the reels on each spin
  5. On each spin, 1 of 2 Cars will move left-to-right and can hit the Wild symbols 
  6. If a Wild is hit by a Car, a tally is added to its symbol with 5 hits adding special effects depending on the Wild
  7. If a Car does not hit any Wild, a heart is removed until no hearts remain
  8. 3 or more Scatters activates the Team Assemble mode with 3 Hearts and all 3 Wilds active 
  9. If all 3 Wilds are upgraded during Team Assemble, Junkyard Assault is activated with all Wilds upgrading together and upgraded Car effects active for the duration of the feature

Pay table symbols

Based on a £1 bet

  • Billy- 5:£7.50
  • Hilly- 5:£5
  • Fox- 5:£2.50
  • Squirrel- 5:£2
  • Raccoon/Moonshine- 5:£1.50
  • Target- 5:£1.25
  • Bear Trap- 5:£1
  • Acorn- 5:75p
  • Bin Bag- 5:50p

Bonus symbols

  • Wild- Substitutes for any paytable symbol
  • Scatter- Activates Call to Arms/Team Assemble bonus games

Bonus features

Call to Arms- 2 Scatters triggers the Call to Arms mode and awards 2 Hearts. When activated, 2 of 3 Wilds are activated that will move around reels 2-4 and trigger wins. On each spin, a Green Car can fly along any of the 3 available rows and hit a Wild symbol. When hit, a tally is added to the Wild with 5 hits upgrading the Wild with bonus effects. If a Car does not hit any of the Wilds, a Heart is removed with the mode ending when all Hearts are removed. The available Wilds and their upgrades in the mode are:

WildTallys to UpgradeUpgrade Awarded
Papa Bear5Adds a 2x multiplier to the Wild for the duration of the feature
Deer Joe5Splits all rows into 2 instances of the same symbol to double potential wins
Fred the Rabbit5adds additional Wilds that can also take hits from Cars

Team Assemble- 3 or more Scatters activates the Team Assemble bonus game with all 3 Wilds active and 3 Hearts awarded. The Team Assemble feature is played similar to the Call to Arms feature but includes the the Red Car that appears on every 5th spin and will take a total of 2 hits to stop to add up to 2 tallys to a Wild on each round. If all 3 Wilds are upgraded during the feature, the Junkyard Assault feature is triggered. 

Junkyard Assault- Upgrading all Wilds during Team Assemble will trigger Junkyard Assault with 3 Hearts. During this feature, the Red Car is active on every spin and all Wilds will share the same upgrade tally on the reels. Once 5 hits have been added on the tally, all 3 Wilds will upgrade for the duration of the feature. Getting hit a total of 20 times will trigger the Roadblock feature. 

Roadblock- Getting hit 20 times during Junkyard Assault will trigger Roadblock with 3 Hearts. When activated, all Wilds will cover an entire row and the Cars will appear and add effects depending on the row hit. Once all cars have been stopped, a 3x3 Wild payout is awarded and the effects are added to the reels. The available effects are:

Row HitEffect Added
Top RowAdds a Wild to reel 5
Middle RowSplits all symbols on reel 5
Bottom RowAdd a 2x multiplier to reel 5


Can I activate free spins on Roadkill?

2 or more Scatters triggers 1 of 2 bonus games with unlimited free spins. The modes end when all Hearts have been removed from play with the potential for an unlimited number of spins.

Can I play Roadkill on mobile?

Take the deadly racing action on the go as Roadkill is fully compatible on all mobile devices. Sign up to MrQ today and play over 900 real money mobile slots and casino games.

What is the max win for Roadkill?

The max win for Roadkill is 11,091x your total bet.

What is the Roadkill RTP?

The RTP for Roadkill is 96.05%. For every £10 bet, the average return to player is £9.60 based on long periods of play.

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