Slingo Space Invaders

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They came from outer space! Redefine the hit arcade video game and Slingo for the stars for intergalactic cash prizes.

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Min/Max Bet:10p/£20
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About Slingo Space Invaders

Slingo just got retro in Slingo Space Invaders from Slingo. The iconic video game has descended from the stars and invaded the world of Slingo with all of the memorable retro graphics and sound effects. Match lines of numbers to work your way up the ladder of prizes and utilise Wild and Super Wild symbols to mark off any space on the reel or the entire board. Discover Cannon symbols and shoot down Red or Gold UFOs for bonus lives in the available bonus games or instant cash prizes. Activate the bonus game and get ready for a retro invasion with the classic Space Invaders gameplay with each destroyed ship awarding juicy cash prizes.

How to play Slingo Space Invaders

  1. Choose your bet level and press spin to begin
  2. Match off numbers on the slingo board and create lines to move up the prize ladder
  3. Wild and Super Wild symbols allow for any space to be filled on the matched reel or on the entire board
  4. At 1 or more filled line, the Gold and Red UFOs become available and can appear above the reels on any round
  5. Land a Cannon symbol on the same reel as a UFO to shoot it down and bag cash prizes or bonus lives used in the bonus game
  6. Bonus lives can also be collected as you work your way up the prize ladder
  7. At 4 or more filled lines, the bonus game can be accessed with an additional multiplier added for higher prize ladder progression
  8. During the bonus game, land cannon symbols to shoot down Space Invaders and add cash prizes for each destroyed symbol
  9. If the Space Invaders reach the bottom of the screen, you will lose a life and the bottom row of Invaders is removed
  10. The game ends when all lives and bonus lives have been removed

Pay table symbols

Available Line Prizes based on a £1 bet

  • 3 Lines- 20p
  • 4 Lines- 30p
  • 5 Lines- 50p
  • 6 Lines- £1
  • 7 Lines- £3
  • 8 Lines- £10
  • 9 Lines- £15
  • 10 Lines- £30
  • Full House- £40

Bonus symbols

  • Wild- Allows for any space to be filled on the matched reel
  • Super Wild- Allows for any space to be filled on the entire board
  • Red UFO- Adds bonus life
  • Gold UFO- Awards cash prizes
  • Cannon- Activates Red/Gold UFOs

Bonus features

Red/Gold UFO Collect- Once 1 line is filled on the Slingo board, Red and Gold UFO symbols can begin to appear at random above the reels. Land a Cannon symbol on the same reel as an active UFO to have it shot down and its reward claimed. Red UFOs add an additional bonus life for use in the base game and Gold UFOs award an instant cash prize of 1x-5x your total bet value. 

Bonus Game- At 4 or more filled lines, the bonus game becomes available with any additional filled lines awarding an additional feature multiplier of 2x-50x. While climbing the ladder as well, bonus lives can be awarded and added to your total number of available lives. Spin the reels on the bonus game and land Cannon symbols to shoot down Space Invaders and collect cash prizes. If the Invaders reach the bottom of the screen, a life is removed and the game continues until no more lives remain. The available symbols during the bonus game are:

Single CannonFires 1 shot on matched reel
Double CannonFires 2 shots on matched reel
Triple CannonFires 3 shots on matched reel
Red UFOAwards a bonus life when destroyed
BarrierBlocks Cannon space for up to 3 shots
OctopusAwards 0.1x when destroyed
Crab Awards 0.2x when destroyed
SquidAwards 0.4x when destroyed

Additional Spins- When your base game spins are finished, you have the chance to purchase additional spins to keep the action going. Each spin has a displayed price dependent on how close you are to reaching the Full House grand prize.


Can I activate free spins on Slingo Space Invaders?

Slingo Space Invaders does not contain a free spins mode but has the special Space Invaders bonus game accessed by filling 4 or more lines. Shoot down Space Invaders to win juicy cash prizes and add win multipliers.

Can I play Slingo Space Invaders on mobile?

Go beyond the stars on the go as Slingo Space Invaders is fully compatible on all mobile devices. Sign up to MrQ today and play over 900 real money mobile slots and casino games.

What is the Slingo Space Invaders RTP?

The RTP for Slingo Space Invaders is 94.02%. For every £10 bet, the average return to player is £9.40 based on long periods of play.

How to win Slingo games online?

The way to win in a Slingo game is to successfully fill lines on the Slingo board with each completed line of numbers moving you up the ladder of prizes. Fill all spaces to win the max Full House rewards.

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