Dead or Alive Saloon

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Step back in time for a Wild West casino game set in your favourite Western-themed saloon. Can you bag the Wanted bad guys and bag juicy bounty multipliers? 2022.

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Min/Max Bet:10p/£250
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About Dead or Alive Saloon

Grab your trusty cowboy hat and saddle up for live casino adventure in the Dead or Alive Saloon live card casino game from Evolution. Pit your wits against the live dealer as they draw a deck of 104 cards to find the winning card value. There’s a whole deck of 52 bonus cards to be discovered including win multipliers, double value win cards, and the special Bounty Hunter bonus game. Activate the bonus game and get out your trusty six-shooter as you take aim at the nastiest varmints in town. Pick your target and add darn-tootin’ good multipliers to your total win values.

How to play Dead or Alive Saloon

  1. Select your chip size and place bets on any single card value or on any of the 4 available suits
  2. The dealer will draw from the deck containing 52 standard cards and 52 bonus cards
  3. Once a regular card is drawn, the round ends and all winnings are returned based on if the prediction was successful
  4. Bonus cards can also be drawn to activate a number of bonus effects including multipliers and double win values
  5. If the Bounty card is drawn, then the Bounty Hunter bonus feature is activated
  6. Aim at one of the 3 available Bounty Hunter signs to shoot and reveal a multiplier applied to your total win value

How to Win Dead or Alive Saloon

The way to win in Dead or Alive Saloon is to accurately predict the first standard card drawn by the dealer by placing bets on specific cards, numbered values, or on different suits. If the drawn card is the same card, value, or suit as a bet has been made, you are awarded a base win value of 20x the total chip value.

As well as standard card wins, Dead or Alive Saloon also contains a number of bonus cards that can add multipliers to your total bet value. Multiplier cards can add between 20x-100x to your total win value and Double cards double the current value of the total potential win. Bounty cards can also appear and award the Bounty Hunter bonus game with a random multiplier being applied to the total win value at the end of the mode.

Bonus features

Bonus Cards- As well as 52 standard cards in the dec. There are also 52 unique bonus cards available to discover. The available bonuses are:

Card NameEffectNumber of Available Cards in Each Round
MultiplierAdds a multiplier 20x-100x to your total win value20 20x multiplier 19 30x multiplier 3 50x multiplier 1 100x multiplier
DoubleDoubles the total value of the current win value3
BountyActivates the Bounty Hunter bonus feature6

Bounty Hunter Feature- When the dealer draws a Bounty Hunter card, the Bounty Hunter bonus feature is activated. You will be transported to a shootout with a six-shooter at the bottom of the screen. Move your cursor to 1 of 3 available Bounty posters and click to fire the gun. The selected Bounty poster will then reveal a multiplier that will be applied to your total win value.

All bet- During the betting phase, you can select the ‘All’ bet to place a bet on all available spaces on the betting grid. This includes betting on all available cards, number values, and suits on the grid.

Winning History- You can check the results of the last 30 rounds, including the final multiplier and winning card value and suit, in the bottom right corner of the screen.

Dead or Alive Saloon Payouts & Odds

Bet TypeValueWinning value (based on a £5 bet)
All Bet Spots19-1,999:1£100-£10,000


What is the max win for Dead or Alive Saloon?

The max win for Dead or Alive Saloon is 2,000x your total bet.

Does Dead or Alive Saloon feature a live dealer?

Dead or Alive Saloon features a live dealer who will take you through this barn-burner of a live casino game in appropriate Western attire.

How to activate Dead or Alive Saloon bonus game?

Discovering a Bounty card during play will activate the Bounty Hunter bonus mode. Aim and fire at any of the 3 Bounty posters to reveal a multiplier applied to your total win value.

What is the Dead or Alive Saloon RTP?

The RTP for Dead or Alive Saloon is 97.02%. For every £10 bet, the average return to player is £9.70 based on long periods of play.

Can I play Dead or Alive Saloon on mobile?

Grab your cowboy hat and hit the dusty trail on the go as Dead or Alive Saloon can be played anywhere and everywhere on your favourite iOS and Android mobile devices. Sign up to MrQ today and enjoy live casino action at the touch of a button with all winnings paid in cash.

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