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How many coloured markings will you find behind the symbols? Why not come and find out...

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About Gems Bonanza

This Aztec-themed game gives you more symbols and ways to win than you can imagine thanks to the Cluster Pays mechanism, so Gems Bonanza Slot is definitely worth a go! From Pragmatic Play, the slot features a whole load of different coloured gems - you just need to connect at least 5 of them together to win. There’s the Tumble Feature too, and some other exciting extras, so come on down to this detail-rich Aztec settlement. You’ll hear some slow-paced relaxing music, but don’t let that fool you - there’s plenty going on here! You’ve got the chance to win 10,000x your bet, so make sure you take it. The gems aren’t going anywhere, so test yourself today...

How to play Gems Bonanza

Cluster Pays always add something a little different, and that is of course still the case here. The play board has an 8x8 format, with 64 different symbols at any one time, and to get the biggest win for each symbol type you need 25 or more in a cluster. From a £1 spin, you can win £1,000 at most but as little as 10p too, so there’s quite a big difference in the money you could be coming away with. In some of the features, the Wild symbol will also appear, and it substitutes for all other symbols - you could really be in luck if it pops up at the right time! When you do get a winning cluster, it’ll disappear thanks to the Tumble Feature. New symbols will tumble down from above in their place, and if you keep matching symbols, they’ll keep on tumbling!

Pay table symbols (based on a £1 stake)

Based on a £1 spin

Diamond - 25+: £50 20-24: £10 15-19: £3.75 12-14: £2 9-11: £1 8: 35p 7: 20p 6: 15p 5: 10p.

Pink Octagon - 25+: £75 20-24: £15 15-19: £5 12-14: £2.50 9-11: £1.50 8: 50p 7: 30p 6: 20p 5: 15p.

Orange Octagon - 25+: £100 20-24: £20 15-19: £7.50 12-14: £3.75 9-11: £2 8: 60p 7: 40p 6: 25p 5: 20p.

Triangle - 25+: £150 20-24: £25 15-19: £10 12-14: £5 9-11: £2.50 8: 75p 7: 40p 6: 30p 5: 25p.

Green Octagon - 25+: £300 20-24: £50 15-19: £15 12-14: £7.50 9-11: £3.75 8: £1.25 7: 50p 6: 50p 5: 30p.

Pentagon - 25+: £500 20-24: £100 15-19: £25 12-14: £12.50 9-11: £7.50 8: £2.50 7: £1.25 6: 75p 5: 50p.

Red Octagon - 25+: £1,000 20-24: £200 15-19: £50 12-14: £25 9-11: £12.50 8: £5 7: £2.50 6: £1.50 5: £1.

Bonus symbols

Wild symbol- this symbol substitutes any other symbols in a payline.

Bonus features

When you spin on the base game, you might see some coloured markings behind symbols. When one of these symbols is part of a win, the respective Special Spin Feature will be triggered. The blue mark wins Nuclear, during which when all tumbles are finished the symbols on the play board will all clear, completely refreshing the board. The pink mark will win you Wild Gem, in which after the tumbles finish, all instances of a randomly-chosen symbol will transform into Wilds. Then there’s the brown mark, which awards Squares. When - you’ve guessed it - all tumbles finish, 2x2 blocks of the same symbol will be added to the board in random positions. The red mark awards Colossal Symbols, which are similar to Squares, but bigger as they can be 3x3, 4x4 or 5x5. Finally, the green mark awards Lucky Wilds, in which after tumbles are finished, between 5 and 15 Wild symbols will be randomly added to the screen. On every spin, the number of winning symbols is counted and this will fill the Gold Fever meter. Get 114 points in a spin to trigger the Gold Fever, which has 5 different levels - all wins have a Multiplier of at least 2x - up to a maximum of 10x - and all spin modifiers will be played at least once per level.

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