Slingo Pirate's Treasure

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Arrr you ready to set sail with the salty crew of the S.S. Slingo? Set sail and work your way up the ladder of prizes towards the ultimate Full House treasure.

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Min/Max Bet:10p/£100
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About Slingo Pirate's Treasure

X marks the spot in Slingo Pirate's Treasure from Slingo. Captain a crew of scurvy dogs as you set sail for sensational Slingo prizes. Match up numbers on the board and work your way up the ladder of prizes towards the Full House grand spoils. Utilise the Wild and Super Wild symbols to match any space on the reel or on the entire board. Match up cannons on the side of the reels and discover the Pirate Captain to aim and FIRE at the reels and fill random numbered spaces. Match 3 or more Scatters to activate the bonus wheel with up to 3 tiers of booty to discover including up to 100x your total bet. Work your way up the ladder of prizes and fire away in the bonus game with plenty of sunken treasure to recover from the dreaded enemy ships.

How to play Slingo Pirate's Treasure

  1. Choose your bet level and press spin to begin
  2. The reels will spin and numbers will be matched off on the Slingo board
  3. Create lines vertically, horizontally, or diagonally to create a Slingo and move up the prize ladder
  4. Wild and Super Wild symbols allow for any space to be filled on the matched reel or on the entire board
  5. Free Spins symbols add 1 additional spin to the remaining total
  6. During play, Cannons appear at the side of the reels on any of the 5 active rows
  7. When a Pirate Captain lands on the reels, he will active all visible Cannons and random spaces on the reels are covered by the cannon blasts
  8. 3 or more Scatters activates the bonus wheel with up to 3 tiers of upgradable prizes
  9. At 6 or more filled lines, the bonus game becomes available 
  10. During the bonus game, up to 6 enemey ships appear on the game grid and random cannons are fired on each spin 
  11. If a cannon hits an enemy ship, then it loses health and cash is added to the total collection 
  12. If you successfully sink a ship, then 24x your total bet is added to the prize pool

Pay table symbols

Based on a £1 bet

  • 3 Lines- 50p
  • 4 Lines- £1
  • 5 Lines- £2
  • 6 Lines- £3
  • 7 Lines- £4
  • 8 Lines- £5
  • 9 Lines- £10
  • 10 Lines- £25
  • 12 Lines- £100

Bonus symbols

  • Wild- Allows for any space on the matched reel to be filled
  • Super Wild- Allows for any space on the entire board to be filled
  • Free Spins- Awards 1 additional spin
  • Pirate Captain- Activates the Cannon Fire feature
  • Scatter- Activates the Bonus Wheel feature

Bonus features

Cannon Fire- During play, up to 5 Cannons can appear at the side of each active row. When a Pirate Captain appears on the reels, all of the visible Cannons will fire and land on random spaces on the active rows. If the Cannon ball lands on an unfilled space, then it will fill the space and contribute towards Slingo lines. 

Bonus Wheel- During play, Scatter symbols can appear on the reels with 3 on the same spin activating the Bonus Wheel. When activated, the first tier of the wheel is unlocked with a number of cash prizes and an upgrader space. Spin to win a cash prize or land on the Upgrader space to upgrade the available prizes. The wheel can be upgraded up to 3 levels to include a max potential prize of 100x your total bet. 

Pirate Booty's Bonus Game- At 6 or more filled lines, the bonus game can be accessed with a number of spins and active enemy ships up to 16 spins with 6 active ships for 12 filled lines. During the game, Cannon symbols will spin and appear at the bottom of the reels and at the side of each active row and the board is filled with a number of enemy ships. Fire the Cannons on each spin and hit the enemy ships to lower their health and add 1x your bet to your total prize pool. Successfully empty a ship's health to sink the ship and add 24x your total bet to the total prize pool. The feature ends once all ships have been destroyed or all spins have been used.


When can I play Slingo Pirate's Treasure?

Slingo Pirate's Treasure will release on the 28th of March 2023. Check back for info coming very soon on MrQ.

Can I play Slingo Pirate's Treasure on mobile?

Fit your ship and its mighty crew on your phone as Slingo Pirate's Treasure is fully compatible on all mobile devices. Sign up to MrQ today and play over 900 real money mobile slots and casino games.

What is the Slingo Pirate's Treasure RTP?

The RTP for Slingo Pirate's Treasure is 94.17%. For every £10 bet, the average return to player is £9.65 based on long periods of play.

What is the max win for Slingo Pirate's Treasure?

The max win for Slingo Pirate's Treasure is 240x your total bet.

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