Lightning Roulette

Supercharge your roulette winnings in Lightning Roulette! Back the right numbers, win electric multipliers.

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RTP:97.10% - 97.30%
Min/Max Bet:20p / £2,000
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About Lightning Roulette

It's all about the electrifying multipliers in Lightning Roulette from Evolution. Every spin zaps up to 5 numbers with a juicy multiplier - up to 500x total stake. Place those single number bets and cross your fingers - lightning could strike your lucky number!

Prefer to stick to the red and black? No sweat - this is a single zero roulette game and there's no limit to your betting spaces. Just remember that only single number bets qualify for multipliers.

How to play Lightning Roulette

  1. Choose your total chip size in the betting window
  2. Place your chips on single numbers bets
  3. Once bets close, the dealer will hit the pull the lightning lever
  4. Up to 5 random single numbers are selected to receive a multiplier
  5. If you win on a lucky number - you take the multiplier prize!

Bonus features

Lucky Numbers: Between 1 and 5 random numbers are selected on each spin to receive a random multiplier between 50x and 500x. If you bet on a Lucky Number with a multiplier and the roulette ball lands in the pocket - you win the boosted prize. Note: You need to have bets on single numbers to qualify for the Lucky Number multipliers. No sweat red and black fans, you'll still win even money on all your bets.

Auto Bets: In the statistics menu, you can place automatic bets over a wide range of categories. Choose your stake and then select whether you want to bet on hot numbers, cold numbers, dozes, columns and even neighbours.

Autoplay: Select how long you wish to bet for - with no need to flex those fingers. Choose your stake size and then use the slider to play between 5 and 100 automatic spins.

Lightning Roulette Payouts & Odds

Inside Bets

Straight Up1 number29-499 to 1
Split2 numbers17 to 1
Street3 numbers11 to 1
Corner4 numbers8 to 1
Line6 numbers5 to 1

Outside Bets

Dozen/Column12 numbers2 to 1
Red/Black18 numbers1 to 1
Even/Odd18 numbers1 to 1
Low (1-18)18 numbers1 to 1
High (19-36)18 numbers1 to 1


What is the Lightning Roulette RTP?

With optimal single number betting, the Lightning Roulette return to player is 97.10%. Even money bets return at a rate of 97.30%.

Can I bet on red and black?

Of course! There are no bet restrictions in Lightning Roulette. Just remember that only single number bets will qualify for the Lucky Numbers multiplier.

How do you play Lightning Roulette?

Select your chips from the bet menu and then place them down on the betting table. Once bets close, the dealer will hit a lever and reveal the Lucky Numbers for the round. The wheel will come to a stop and wherever the ball rests is the winning pocket.

What is the maximum Lightning Roulette payout?

If you hit a Lucky Number with a 500x multiplier - your win is multiplied to that tune! For example, betting £1 will pay out an electrifying £500.

Can I view Lightning Roulette stats?

Yes, the game has statistics built-in so you can see past action. Click the chart button to see the hottest numbers and the actual winners for up to 500 played spins. To view a shorter period of play, use the slider to reduce the number of rounds.

What is the Lightning Roulette odds of winning?

Your odds of winning on a single number are 29 to 1 - but with the right Lightning Multiplier, any single number bet could be boosted by 500x.

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