Hit Me! Baccarat

Hit Me! Baccarat is the table card game with brilliant player experience.

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Slot RTP:95.3
Min/Max Bet:£1/£100
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Game Info

Feel like the ultimate slick spy in Hit Me! Baccarat, the swanky table game from the card dealers at Eyecon.

The game board is an authentic card table with realistic, 3D graphics that really put you in the middle of the casino, drink of choice in hand. Plus, the sophisticated, casual jazz music background adds the final touch of class.

The name of the game is Hit Me! Baccarat and the aim is to predict which hand will be the highest up to nine. The best thing about Hit Me! Baccarat is that you can also choose to play as either the Player, the Banker or both. You even have a fourth option of predicting a tie.

Each round is played with eight decks of standard 52 cards (excluding Jokers), four each side. The payout is different for the three different bets are:

  • Banker 2 for 1 (5% commission)
  • Player 2 for 1
  • Tie 9 for 1 (however the chances of this are a lot lower, so it's a riskier bet)

How to play

To play Hit Me! Baccarat, firstly choose how much you want to wager by selecting the appropriate casino chip. Then decide if you're going to put it on the Player, Banker or Tie. You can add to your wager by clicking on your bet in their place until you reach your preferred amount. Then just click on the purple Deal button.

The Player and Banker are dealt two cards. The side that gets the highest number up to nine wins the game. If the Player and the Banker have 8 or 9 (which is "Natural), they stand. But, if the player total is five or less than five, they may be dealt another card.

If the Player stands, because there hand is over five, the Banker will draw a third card, if they have a total of five or less.

If you lose your hand, don't worry, there's always the Hit Me! Round. As long as there wasn't a Neutral win or a tie, you get the choice to bet for a multiplier.

Before you decide, you'll be asked how much your wager winnings will be multiplied by between 1.5x and 12.5x. Remember that Hit Me! winnings are deducted by a 2.5% commission.

If you choose to rebet, you can put a different or lower wager on and to win, your hand will need to be closer to nine. Once you get the hang of it, you'll be channelling your inner James Bond in no time!

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