Tyrant King Megaways Slot

Become the tricera-top of the food chain. Will you thrive as the apex predator?

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Min/Max Bet:20p/£2
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About Tyrant King Megaways Slot

Veloci-wrap your hands around some amazing riches with the Tyrant King slot by iSoftBet! Take Jurassic measures as you seek out the Tyrant King’s rawr-some spoils and avoid becoming a feast for a beast. Can you get away with some T-rexy treasures and become the top prehistoric predator?

Tyrant King Megaways is a 6-reel Megaways slot with a varying number of symbols on each reel up to a maximum of 7. Winning combinations can be made by matching up 2 or more symbols along the reels for minimum of 1 symbol per reel. Megaways slots mix up the number of symbols on each reel with every spin and Tyrant King Megaways has over 200,000 potential ways to win! Watch your step for special Bonus egg symbols that can activate free spins and Wild symbols that can trigger special bonus games.

How to play Tyrant King Megaways Slot

  1. Choose your wager (min.20p max. £2) and then click Spin.
  2. The symbols will appear and disappear on the 6-reel Megaways board
  3. Match up 2 or more symbols along the reels for a winning combination
  4. Watch out for special bonus symbols to activate free spins

Pay table symbols (based on a £1 stake)

Based on a £1 bet

  • Adventurer- 6:£50 5:£25 4:£10 3:£5 2:£2
  • Tribal Woman- 6:£7.50 5:£2.50 4:£2 3:£1
  • Blue Dinosaur- 6:£2 5:£1.50 4:£1 3:25p
  • Green Dinosaur- 6:£2 5:75p 4:50p 3:25p
  • Red Dinosaur- 6:£1.75 5:60p 4:40p 3:25p
  • A- 6:£1.75 5:60p 4:30p 3:20p
  • K- 6: £1 5:60p 4:25p 3:20p
  • Q- 6:£1 5:50p 4:25p 3:15p
  • J- 6:90p 5:50p 4:25p 3:15p
  • 10- 6:80p 5:40p 4:20p 3:10p

Bonus symbols

  • Wild- Substitutes for all paytable symbols
  • Bonus- Triggers free spins

Bonus features

Matching up 4 or more Bonus symbols will activate free spin mode with 10 free spins being awarded. In free spin mode, an extra symbol is added to the bottom of reels 2-5 expanding the maximum number of symbols on those reels to 8. Any additional bonus symbols that appear during free spins will add an extra spin and this continues until all free spins are used.

Tyrant King Megaways also features a Wild Tyrant respins bonus game that is activated upon landing consecutive wild symbols on reels 2-5. In this mode, you are awarded 3 free respins and all winning symbols are replaced with Wild symbols. If a Wild symbol lands on the reels then the respins number resets to 3 and the Wild symbol sticks on the reels. This continues until the reels are filled with Wild symbols or all respins are used.


Can I trigger free spins on Tyrant King Megaways?

Free spins can be activated upon finding special Bonus which awards 10 free spins for matching 4 or more. Additional bonus symbols during free spins add 1 extra spin for each symbol.

Free spins can also be triggered by activating the Wild Tyrant bonus game which awards 3 free respins. These respins can be reset back to 3 for every Wild symbol that appears on the reels during this bonus game.

How much can I win on Tyrant King Megaways?

Maximum single bet win for Tyrant King Megaways is 50,000x total stake and a potential single game winning of £100,000.

What is Tyrant King Megaways RTP (Payout percentage)?

The RTP for Tyrant King Megaways is 95.99% based on long periods of play. Essentially, for every 100.00 bet, the slot pays back roughly 95.99 with variations for short periods of play.

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