How to Play Picture Bingo

How to Play and Win Picture Bingo Online

Discover a new way to enjoy awesome online bingo with picture bingo on MrQ. Top tips, strategies, and guides on how to play and win picture bingo.

Spice up your bingo life and discover a new way to play online bingo with picture bingo. Instead of playing with 75 or 90 number balls, picture bingo throws it out for stunning pictures to help streamline the fun. 

Picture bingo utilises picture calls that are called out and marked off on your bingo card. The pictures can be centred around some of your favourite themes and motives including seasons, topics, or some of your favourite slots and casino games. Match off pictures on your 3x3 bingo card and be the first to match all pictures on your bingo card to win. blog-tropic-like-its-hot-purchased-tickets.jpg

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Playing picture bingo on MrQ is as simple as following these easy steps:

  • Sign up on MrQ and deposit £10 or more to play
  • In the ‘Bingo’ section select the Tropic Like It’s Hot bingo room
  • Purchase your tickets for just 10p per ticket or use Quick Buy to purchase up to 96 tickets
  • Once the timer expires, let the games begin!
  • The auto dabber will score off matching pictures automatically so you can sit back and enjoy the Summer fun
  • Match of all spaces on the 3x3 grid of pictures to win the Full House prize

How to Win Picture Bingoblog-tropic-like-its-hot-win.jpg

The way to win in Picture Bingo is to successfully match off all of the images on your bingo card. There are 9 spaces in total to fill in and each game has a max of 30 calls of different images. The first player to fill all 9 spaces in those 30 calls is the winner and will bag the Full House jackpot prize.

Online picture bingo differs from land based picture bingo as spaces are filled automatically on your bingo card meaning you can sit back and enjoy the action. 

Other Types of Bingo Games

Picture bingo isn’t the only bingo game you can sink your teeth into on MrQ. Sign up today and play the best online 75 and 90 ball bingo games daily including:

Bingo RoomTicket PricePlay Times
On the HouseFree for all deposits made in the last 30 days12pm-12am every day
Cheap as Chips10p per ticket7pm-11pm every day
Pinch a Penny1p per ticket12pm-2pm & 6pm-10pm every day


How do I win picture bingo?

The way to win in picture bingo is to be the first player to fill all spaces on your bingo card. This is achieved by matching pictures off on your card until every picture on your card has been called by the bingo announcer.

What is the difference between picture and regular bingo?

The difference between number bingo and picture bingo is that picture bingo, instead of having 75 or 90 ball numbers, features a number of pictures to be matched off on your bingo card. Games are won by matching off all pictures on your card to win the Full House grand prize.

Can I play picture bingo on mobile?

Take your bingo action on the go as all of the available bingo games on MrQ are fully compatible on all iOS and Android devices. Sign up to MrQ and deposit £10 or more to play awesome online 75, 90, and picture bingo games daily.

Can I win real cash playing picture bingo on MrQ?

All of the bingo games on MrQ are real money games where you can win daily cash prizes including rollover jackpot prizes.

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