Bingo Number Calls

90 Ball Bingo Calls for your next game

Learn your little ducks from your cup of tea and dive into all of the Bingo calls you can bring to your next game. Uncover the meaning of some of the most iconic bingo calls with references to popular TV, Film, Music, Sports, and beyond!

Bingo Number Calls

Know your Two Little Ducks from your Droopy Drawers? Bingo has been a staple of UK entertainment since the mid-60s and, in that time, a number of humorous and cheeky names have been created for each of the 90 available numbers covering the best in British slang, television and film. 

Brush up your knowledge with the list below and add some extra fun to your bingo action. Dipping into the Bingo action for the first time? Check out How to Play Bingo to get in the know on bingo and become a pro in minutes. 

Bingo Calls (1-18)Bingo Calls (19-36)Bingo Calls (37-54)Bingo Calls (55-72)Bingo Calls (73-90)
1- Kelly’s Eye19- Goodbye Teens37- More than 1155- All the Fives73- Queen Bee
2- One Little Duck20- One Score38- Christmas cake56- Was she worth it?74- Hit the Floor
3- Cup of Tea21- 21 gun salute39- Steps57- Heinz Varieties75- Strive and Strive
4- Knock at the door22- Two Little Ducks40- Life Begins58- Make them wait76- Trombones
5- Man Alive23- Three and Me41- Time for fun59- Brighton Line77- Two Little Crutches
6- Half a Dozen24- Two Dozen42- Winnie the Pooh60- Five Dozen78- 39 More Steps
7- Lucky Seven25- Duck and Dive43- Down on your Knees61- Baker’s Bun79- One more Time
8- Garden Gate26- Pick and Mix44- Droopy Drawers62- Tickety-boo80- Eight and Blank
9- Doctor’s Orders27- Duck and a Crutch45- Halfway There63- Tickle Me81- Stop and Run
10- Prime Minister’s Den28- In a state46- Up to tricks64- Almost Retired82- Straight on Through
11- Legs Eleven29- Rise and Shine47- Four and Seven65- Old Age Pension83- Time for Tea
12- One Dozen30- Dirty Gertie48- Four Dozen66- Clickety Click84- Give me More
13- Unlucky for Some31- Get up and run49- PC67- Stairway to Heaven85- Stayin’ Alive
14- Valentines32- Buckle my Shoes50- It’s a bullseye68- Saving Grace86- Between the Sticks
15- Groovy Scene33- Fish, chips, and peas51- Tweak of the thumb69- Anyway Up87- Torquay in Devon
16- Sweet 1634- Ask for more52- Deck of Cards70- Three Scores and 1088- Two Fat Ladies
17- Dancing Queen35- Jump and Jive53- Stuck in a tree71- Bang on the Drum89- Nearly There
18- Coming of Age36- Three Dozen54- Clean the Floor72- Six Dozen90- Top of the Shop

Bingo Calls Based on TV & Films 

30 (Dirty Gertie)- References the 1946 film “Dirty Gertie from Harlem U.S.A” with the plot centred around Gertie LaRue’s adventures on the Caribbean coast. 

39 (39 Steps)- Relates to the 1935 Alfred Hitchcock film of the same name with the Spy organisation in the film also being referred to as “The 39 Steps”. 

42 (Winnie the Pooh)- Rhymes with 42 and refers to the popular children's book and TV series featuring the lovable Winnie the Pooh and his animal friends. 

50 (It’s a Bullseye)- Bullseye refers to the famous darts phrase for when a player hits the centre circle worth 50 points. In TV darts, whenever the centre circle is landed, the audience will shout “Bullseye”. 

78 (39 More Steps)- Another reference to the Hitchcock film with 78 being double 39. 

86 (Between the Sticks)- Refers to the number of the goalkeeper in a game of football with “the sticks” being the two posts of a goal. 

Bingo isn’t the only way you can catch some cheeky references to some of your favourite TV shows and films. Check out the best TV and Film Slots to see some of the most iconic brands come to life and fully playable including The Goonies, Sausage Party, and much more. 

Bingo Calls Based on Music 

4 (Knock at the Door)- Reference to the popular nursery rhyme. “1,2 buckle my shoe. 3,4 knock at the door”. 

17 (Dancing Queen)- Reference to the iconic 1976 #1 hit single from ABBA that is still present in many Spotify playlists. 

76 (Trombones)- A popular song from the hit 1962 film and stage show “The Music Man”. The song was further popularised when covered by Judy Garland of Wizard of Oz fame. 

Bingo Calls with Player Participation

11 (Legs Eleven)- Players can respond to this saucy call by wolf whistling after the number has been called

22 (Two Little Ducks)- When there’s 2 little ducks there’s only one way to respond. When the dealer calls 22, it’s “quack, quack, quack” to welcome the ducks to the game. 

49 (PC)- In reference to The Adventures of PC 49; a popular radio show in the 1950s. When called, Players will respond with “evening all” just like the beginning of each live broadcast of the series. 

56 (Was She Worth It?)- Refers to the pre-decimal price of a marriage certificate in the UK being 5/6d. When called, the players will shout back “every penny”. 

89 (Nearly There)- Indicates that the game is close to ending and is met with a resounding “awwww” from players. 

Bingo calls aren’t the only way to get involved in the Bingo action! Check out the Bingo Glossary to see all the ways online Bingo games can spice up the action including Rollover Jackpot prizes, chat functionalities, and juicy Bingo Promotions

Online Bingo Calls

When playing online bingo, you will frequently see players, or Roomies, using the chat function to call out some of the most iconic Bingo calls to spice up the action. You can join in too at any time during an online bingo game at MrQ and flex your Bingo calls knowledge.

You can also bring some of these calls to your next session of Online Bingo with Friends for a bit of social excitement. Add a dash of cheek to your bingo fun and show off your Rise and Shine from your Fish, Chips, and Peas.


What is the bingo call for 44?

The bingo call for 44 is Droopy Drawers in reference to the British slang for saggy trousers.

What is the bingo call for 69?

The bingo call for 69 is Anyway Up in reference to how 6 and 9 look the same when turned upside down.

How to win online 90 Ball Bingo?

The way to win in 90 Ball Bingo is to be the first player to match 1 line, 2 lines, or fill their entire Bingo card to win 1 of the 3 available prizes.

Can I win real cash playing online Bingo on MrQ?

All of the Bingo games on MrQ are real money games where all winnings are credited as cash prizes. Play for as little as 1p per game and win prizes with bingo running daily on MrQ

Can I play online bingo on mobile?

All of the available 75 and 90-ball Bingo games on MrQ are fully compatible on all iOS and Android mobile devices. Sign up today and unlock free online bingo for 30 days on every £10+ deposit.

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