How to play bingo


A complete beginner's guide


Gone are the days when people would attend crammed bingo halls, with physical tickets on the table, a pencil (or dabber) and the voice of the caller shouting numbers over the intercom system (sometimes a bit fuzzy), after having drawn a ball from the bingo cage or bag.

Following the steps of other forms of entertainment, bingo (or 'Housey-Housey', as it was originally called in the UK) has inevitably evolved and joined the digital world, creating what we know today as 'online bingo'. But, what are the main differences, if any, between both systems (traditional and automated) and how do you actually play the game? Look no further, because this guide will answer all your queries in preparation for a fulfilling bingo experience on MrQ.


First of all, you'll need to join one of the bingo rooms and purchase your ticket(s). Depending on the version you chose to play, your tickets will either contain numbers from 1 to 90, or 1 to 75 (more on this later). Once the game begins, a series of digits will be called out by the random number generator. However, the big advantage that MrQ has over the more conventional form of bingo is that, should your numbers match, they will be auto-dabbed or marked off from your ticket, meaning zero confusion. Do you have other commitments that require your attention, well, don't worry because the game will do the hard work on your behalf. This includes highlighting single lines, double lines and the coveted full houses (90-ball games), or filling in patterns (75-ball rooms), as well as keeping track of how many numbers off the next prize you currently are:

  • Single line: to obtain this, an entire horizontal line of numbers must be crossed off on your ticket. You can even shout, 'Line!' if you fancy. We won't judge!
  • Double line: same as above, but a second line of numbers is added to the challenge (on the same ticket, of course). More lines mean bigger cash rewards.
  • Full house: the treasured grail of all bingo players, cross off all the numbers on your ticket to win the big prize. Ranging from a couple of pounds to rolling jackpots, yelling 'BINGO!' has never been so satisfying.
  • Filling the pattern: winning a game of 75-ball bingo works a little differently. Match a set pattern of numbers to win the prize. As the song goes, the winner takes it all! Some games in this category use a 'coverall' rule that requires you to mark every number on your ticket in order to win.


Aside from the obvious linguistic differences between the old continent and the land of opportunity, both countries apply their own unique rules when it comes to bingo playing. Don't get us wrong, neither form is better than the other, and fun is practically guaranteed whether you choose a 90 or 75-ball game. Below are some of the main characteristics of each variant:

  • 90-ball bingo: you'll be more likely to encounter a 90-ball game if you play in the UK, with tickets arranged in grids of 9 columns and 3 rows. It's perhaps the most traditional form of bingo as we know it, with single lines, double lines and full houses.
  • 75-ball bingo: the most popular choice of bingo in the US and Australia, although the previous one can also be found. Somewhat trickier, it still offers the same amount of entertainment in the form of predetermined patterns, instead of left-to-right lines. Your ticket will also look different, with a 5x5 grid enclosing a star in the centre.


Finding a reliable bingo site in a sea of sub-par options can be tough: that's why we built up MrQ from the ground up in the first place. That being said, let us provide you with 8 compelling reasons to tie the knot with Mr Q—when it comes down to playing online bingo:

  1. No wagering, no nonsense: We believe in complete transparency while offering the best player experience. That's why we are committed toapplying our no wagering policy to every bingo room and slot game on MrQ. Any prizes won are yours to use or withdraw via Paypal or debit card.
  2. Auto-daub function: Have you missed a number? Don't worry because this automatic feature will save your fingers from some unnecessary clicking. Simply relax (or even multi-task) while the game is on. We'll do the hard work for you!
  3. 90-ball and 75-ball bingo rooms: Can't decide which one is your favourite? Well, why should you? Enjoy the variety of rooms, with either 90-ball (Freedom, Free for all, Piece of cake, Popcorn, Picnic and Festival) or 75-ball alternatives (Ocean and Rock & Rollover). This bingo site is your oyster!
  4. Free games: Who doesn't love freebies? Make your first deposit on MrQ and you'll gain access to our Freedom room, where there are free games happening daily. Moreover, new and verified players are entitled to a max of 7 days of free bingo (see Free for all and Piece of cake for more information on this topic).
  5. Open 365 days a year: Can't wait for an exciting game of bingo? With two of our 90-ball rooms (Popcorn and Festival) available 24/7, the doors to bingo Heaven are never shut to the most eager of players. Simply choose between more traditional (set prize?) or jackpot-based bingo rooms. Whether early in the morning or late at night, any time is a good time to win!
  6. Rollover jackpots: Join Rock & Rollover 90-ball bingo room to win up to £1000! Unlike regular progressive jackpots, if no one wins, the prize 'rolls over' to the next game until someone gets their hands on it! Could this lucky person be you? We certainly hope so.
  7. Play for as little as 1p: (Do you only have a few pennies to spare) These tickets can't literally be any cheaper. Perhaps you're new to playing but crave a full online bingo game experience. Why not head to our Picnic 90-ball bingo room? It's the best way to test the waters before heading to higher set prizes rooms.
  8. Interactive and social: There's nothing better than making new friends while having fun. Both of you share at least one common interest: playing bingo! But perhaps there's something else: you decide how far to delve in. However, our players don't need to be social butterflies to enjoy the chat widget to its fullest potential. A few emojis will suffice to celebrate your future victory!

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