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Top Terms to Master Online Bingo

Master all of the top Bingo terms and have a ball on the best online 75 and 90-ball Bingo rooms on MrQ. Play real money online Bingo on PC, Tablet, or Mobile with games running every day.

Popular Bingo Terms

90 Ball Bingo

90 Ball Bingo is the most popular Bingo variation in the UK and is played with 90 numbered balls on every game. The way to win is to fill 1 line, 2 lines, or match your entire ticket of numbers to win.

This variation features 3 potential prizes on each round with cash rewards for being the first player to match a horizontal line of numbers, match 2 lines of numbers, or match all of the available numbers on your Bingo Ticket. 

You can enjoy a plethora of awesome online 90 Ball Bingo games on MrQ including On the House free bingo, Pinch a Penny 1p Bingo, or Cheap as Chips with tickets starting at just 10p per game. 

75 Ball Bingo

75 Ball Bingo is the most popular Bingo variation in the US and plays very similar to how 90 Ball Bingo is played in the UK. 75 Ball differs from 90 as it is played on a 5x5 Ticket with a Free Space in the middle and numbers on each of the available spaces.

The prizes available are also similar to 90 Ball with some 75 Ball games adding additional prizes for 3 Lines and 4 Lines. 

Pattern Bingoblog-bingo-pattern.jpg

Pattern Bingo is a Bingo game that uses balls numbered 1-75 in each game. A Pattern is generated and the goal of the game is to match numbers on your Bingo card to match the Pattern. Numbers are called one-by-one and, if you make the pattern with your matched numbers, then you win the prize.

If you’re looking for awesome 75-ball Pattern bingo action then check out Full Monty featuring a Rollover Jackpot of up to £20,000 in real cash prizes. 

Free Space

The middle space on a Bingo Card that is filled automatically and used to help you achieve those juicy Line wins. These are usually highlighted with a star shape. 


Same as when you travel or go to a concert, Tickets are your way to join the action. In Bingo, Tickets are also your play board with each one having lines of random numbers from 1-90 or 1-75 depending on the selected Bingo game. 

Tickets need to be purchased to play and you can purchase multiple tickets from 1 to 100+ available on each game. Each ticket will have its own set of numbers with each having a chance of winning an available prize. 

You can pre-purchase your tickets before a game begins or use the Quick Buy feature to pick your tickets for you. 


In land bingo play, the Dabber is used to mark off numbers on your Bingo card that are called out. Online Bingo utilises an automatic Dabber that marks off numbers automatically on your card when they are called out so you always have the best chance of being a winner. 

The Dabber is also important in 75-Ball Bingo as it is used to mark off numbers in the pattern needed to win the game. 


A Call is each number that is read out during a game. It comes from the land bingo setup where a person, or caller, reads out the next number so the room has a chance to check their cards and dab off the number if it appears. Online Bingo displays each number and auto-dabs your card when a matching number appears. 

Each game has a set number of calls with the last call coming either at the end of a game or when a player has achieved the maximum prize. 


The Timer is your countdown to excitement as it lets you know when the next Bingo game will be played. You can pre-purchase your tickets at any time and, once the timer reaches 0, the game will begin. 

Each Bingo game has a different Timer with some running as frequently as every 10 minutes. You can check the frequency and times of each game in the Bingo section. 

If you miss the game, no need to worry, all of your purchased tickets will be auto-dabbed and any prizes achieved will be credited to your account. This means that you can be rest assured that even if you miss a game, you never miss the chance to win juicy cash prizes. 

Quick Buyblog-quick-buy.jpg

Quick Buy lets you purchase a set number of tickets and picks each at random from the available tickets. You can use the Quick Buy feature to instantly select anywhere between 6 and 96+ tickets that will be yours to play on the next Bingo game.

Want to pick different tickets? You can add and remove tickets individually from your Quick Buy selection at any time before the game begins so you are always playing with the number of cards you want. 


Rooms (or lobbies) is the place where the Bingo magic happens! Each room contains a number of players across the network or site that are all playing for the same prizes. These can be from across the UK or the entire world depending on the game played.

Rooms also contain great ways to interact with other players including a chat function to type messages. You can also see which player won each of the available prizes in each game. 


A Roomie is the name of a bingo player participating in the current game. Anyone can be a Roomie if they want to. Simply type a message in the chat feature and interact with other players to join the fun. Welcome to the club, Roomie! 


A ruleset exclusive to 75 Ball Bingo that requires you to fill every available number on your Ticket to win. This is also known as a Blackout. 

Coverall Jackpots

Coverall Jackpots are won by being the first person to cover all spaces on a 75 Ball Bingo card and can be awarded in a number of ways depending on the rules of the venue. Some will award the jackpot for simply covering all spaces, while others will award it if the Coverall is achieved in a certain number of Bingo calls i.e. 45 calls. 

If nobody wins the jackpot in the required number of calls, the jackpot has the chance to rollover onto the next game for an even juicier pot on the next round. 

Chat Host

Chat Hosts are your master of ceremonies and the one who monitors the chat during games. The Chat Host might also drop a cheeky message or two to get the social party started. 


Stands for Buy One Get One Free and means that, when you purchase a ticket, you get a second one for free. 


A Pattern is used during a game of 75-ball Bingo and is the sequence of matched numbers needed to win. If you are the first player to match numbers on their card and create the Pattern needed, then you win.

If the pattern isn’t matched on the current game by any player, then the prize pot is transferred to the next game and awarded on the next successful pattern match. 

As an example: if the pattern is a diamond shape, then the spaces on the card covered need to match those on the Pattern to create the same diamond shape. 

1 Line/1Lbingo-1-line.jpg

1 Line is the lowest tier of prize available in 90 Ball Bingo and is achieved for matching a single horizontal line on your Bingo Card. The first player to match 1 Line will win the prize with the next available prize being for the first to match 2 Lines on the same card. 

2 Lines/2Lbingo-two-lines.jpg

A 2 Lines or 2L prize is achieved by being the first player to successfully complete 2 lines on their Bingo card. 2 Lines has a separate prize to 1 Line and can be achieved without the need to have won the 1 Line prize. The prize for 2 Lines is generally higher than 1 Line. 

Full Housebingo-full-house.jpg

A Full House is the maximum prize for 90 ball bingo and is achieved by being the first player to fill every space on your bingo card. In land-based casinos, this is also known as a Bingo and is called out loud by the winning player when achieved. 

Rollover Jackpot

Some Bingo games utilise a Rollover Jackpot where the total prize value is increased for every purchased ticket from all active players. Play and be the first to win to bag the entire pot collected. 

If the jackpot isn’t won in the current game, it moves onto the next game with the total continuing to increase until someone wins the pot. Some Rollover Jackpots have a max value that, when hit, will become a guaranteed win on the next game.

Rollover Jackpot Bingo works similar to some of your favourite Jackpot Slots including Jackpot King, Eyecon Jackpot, or the Must Win Jackpots from Skywind. 

Split Pot

A Bingo style where the winner/s takes a percentage of the total pot collected from all participating players. A standard Split Pot game is split 50/50 with the House meaning you can take half of all collected cash for the Bingo game on a successful Full House win. 

Some Split Pot games can include multiple winners with each taking a percentage of the total pot. Be the first to win to take home the biggest prize with each additional winner bagging a smaller percentage of the total prize pot. 

Bingo Promotions

Bingo Promotions are special offers that you can take advantage of to get your hands on some awesome freebies. Different sites will have different offers that mean you can bag extras like free bingo or additional opportunities to win prizes. 

There are always awesome Bingo Promotions available at MrQ to add some extra spice to your play. Keep an eye on the latest promotions for your chance to bag awesome prizes including Free Online Bingo, exclusive offers, and Free Spins on some of the top slot games available online. 

Bingo Specials

Bingo Specials are one-off Bingo games centred around specific occasions. These one-off specials come with their own selection of prizes up for grabs. 

Keep your eyes peeled for special one-off Online Bingo games that can become available throughout the year with exclusive prize pots, themes, and minimum buy-ins.

MrQ also hosts frequent charity Bingo games so you can win glorious cash prizes while also supporting a good cause. Check out some of the events we’ve done in the past including Dreams Come True and Dogs On The Street charity Bingo games. 


Stands for Random Number Generator and is the technology used in online bingo games to ensure the randomness of results on each call. The technology is similar to that used in your favourite slot games. 

If you want to know more about RNG and how it creates random results, check out RTP Explained for more info. 

Minimum Buy-In

The minimum number of Tickets required to play on any given Bingo game. Some Bingo games can be played for as little as 1 purchased Ticket with others requiring 6 or more to join the action. 

Check out the available Bingo games to learn more about their minimum Ticket requirements and how you can get involved in the action. 

Bingo Games on MrQ

It’s a bingo bonanza at MrQ with 4 awesome rooms running every day. Explore the best in 75 and 90 ball bingo including:

Bingo RoomType of BingoTicket PriceDaily Running Times
Pinch a Penny90 Ball1p12pm-2pm & 6 pm-10 pm
Cheap as Chips90 Ball10p7pm-11pm
On the House90 BallFree12pm-12am for all deposits in the last 30 days

How to Play Bingo Online

Looking to join the Bingo action on MrQ? Just follow these simple steps and get stuck in on the best 75 and 90-ball bingo games running every day. 

  1. log in to MrQ or create an account to join the fun 
  2. Click on the ‘Bingo’ tab to explore the available games
  3. Select your fav and purchase your tickets or use the Auto Buy feature to purchase a set number of tickets
  4. Once the timer expires, the game will begin with the Bingo caller drawing numbers and matching them off on your card
  5. Create lines or match the shape to win instant cash prizes including juicy progressive jackpot prizes of up to £20,000
  6. The On the House free 90 ball bingo becomes available for deposits made in the last 30 days and gives you access to daily free bingo games

And just like that, you’re ready to play! If you want to learn more about mastering bingo, check out How to Play Bingo to become a pro in minutes.


Can I win real money playing online bingo on MrQ?

All of the daily online bingo games on MrQ are real money games with all winnings paid in cash.

How do I win bingo?

The way to win bingo depends on the type being played. In 75 ball bingo, the goal is to match the selected pattern by filling numbers on your bingo card. In 90 ball bingo, you usually have three chances to win: one line, two lines and a full house. If you’re the first player to complete a line on a ticket, you’ll win the first prize.

What is 90-ball bingo?

90 Ball Bingo is the most popular form of bingo in the UK and is played with 90 unique numbers. Match numbers on your bingo card and win prizes for covering 1 line, 2 lines, or the full house jackpot for filling the entire card.

Can I play free bingo on MrQ?

You can unlock On the House free 90 ball bingo on every deposit of £10 or more with games running free every day for 30 days.

Can I play online bingo on mobile?

Take your bingo action on the go as all of the bingo games available on MrQ are fully compatible on all iOS and Android mobile devices. Play daily online bingo and win real cash on MrQ.

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