DOTS Charity Bingo

MrQ raises the Woof with Charity Bingo Night for Dogs On The Street!

Ready for some paw-some news? MrQ is teaming up with Dogs On The Street for three nights of Charity Bingo.

Join us on the 4th of November for an evening of bingo fun; there's going to be plenty of canine chats and juicy cash prizes to win. The best part? All ticket sales go to DOTS!

How to join the Charity Bingo game

The fun starts at 8pm on - every 10 minutes there will be 90 ball bingo games with new prizes to win.

Each game comes with a 1 line prize of £20, 2 line prize of £30 and a full house of £50.

In the final game of the evening, we're going barking mad with a huge £450 full house jackpot.

Want to get involved? Tickets cost just 20p with a minimum of 6 tickets per game.

Every ticket sale will go directly to DOTS and help homeless dogs in the UK. We're also donating £1,000 to the charity to support their mission. Anything to help our furry friends 🐶

MrQ will also be hosting more charity bingo events to support the charity. Dates will be confirmed soon - so keep an eye out for information on the next game.

Dogs on the Street is an award-winning UK charity that provides food, medical care and grooming for homeless dogs across the UK.

Established in 2016, DOTS runs weekly stations around London but also operates in major cities across the country.

There's estimated to be over 100,000 homeless dogs in the country at any given time. Dogs on the Street provides homeless people access to food, medicine, grooming and training for their dogs.

MrQ is proud to support such a worthy cause - we hope you'll show DOTS some love during our upcoming charity bingo evenings!

When does the Charity Bingo game take place?

The event kicks off at 8pm on the 4th of November - there will be new bingo games every 10 minutes until 9pm.

How much will tickets cost?

Tickets cost 20p but you'll need to buy a minimum of 6 tickets during each game. All sales will go towards Dogs on the Street.

How much can I win?

1 Line is £20, 2 Lines is £30 and a full house win will be £50. In the final game of the evening, we're increasing the full house to a whopping £450!

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