Poker Card & Hand Values

Poker Card & Hand Values- Everything you need to know to play & win

Feel like you’ve got a good hand but don’t know how good? Poker is an exciting table casino game but, sometimes, it’s hard to remember what hand wins and when you can raise with confidence. We’ve got you covered with this handy guide on poker card & hand values. Become a pro and put a smile on your poker face!

Want to learn the basics of playing poker? Click here for our comprehensive guide on playing, betting, and winning with poker:

The Cards

Poker is played with a deck of playing cards with the jokers removed. Each card has a value with 2 being the lowest and Ace being the highest. Individually, each higher card beats the cards lower in value to it with Ace beating all other single card values. Below is a handy table to remember each card and its value

Card TypeCard Value
AceBeats all other cards
KingBeats all except Ace
QueenBeats all except King and Ace
JackBeats all except Queen, King, and Ace
10Beats all other numbers (2-9)
2-9Beats all numbers below value (9 beats 8 and below, 6 beats 5 and below etc.)

High Card rule

Single card values are most important during the high card rule. With this rule, when all/some players are equal in hand value, then the player with the highest single card value wins.

As an example,

- Player 1 has an Ace and a 4 in their hand - Player 2 has a Queen and a 6 in their hand - At the end of the round, neither player has a pair - Player 1 wins with high card Ace over Queen

This rule also applies when multiple players have the same number of pairs with the highest value pair winning the round. If player 1 had a pair of aces over player 2’s pair of queens then they would win with the high card Ace.

Pair Values

Struggling to remember if a straight is stronger than 3 of a kind? Finding yourself folding on a Royal Flush you hadn’t noticed? We got you covered with this handy table of pair values. To make it even easier, each pair is organised from strongest to weakest to ensure you are keeping your poker game on point!

Pair typeWhat do you need to have it?What does it beat?Example
Royal FlushThe 5 highest cards of a suit in a sequenceThe strongest pair type in poker. Beats every other card combination10, J, Q, K, A (all diamonds)
Straight Flush5 cards of the same suit in a sequenceThe second strongest pair type available. Only beaten by Royal Flush.4, 5, 6, 7, 8 (all clubs)
Four of a kingAll 4 of the same card from each suitBeats all of the below values regardless of card value4 Queens (diamond, spade, club, heart)
Full-house3 of a kind plus an additional pairFull-House beats all pairs below regardless of card value3 Kings and a pair of 6s
Flush5 cards of the same suitFlush beats a straight and anything below regardless of card value6, 5, 3, Q, K (all diamonds)
Straight5 cards in a sequence of any mixed suitStraight beats three of a kind and anything below regardless of value.3, 4, 5, 6, 7 (each card can be of any suit)
Three of a kind3 cards of the same type3 of a king beats two pairs and below regardless of card value. Other 3 of a king checks will be subject to high card rule3 Kings, 3 9s
Two pairs2 separate matching pairs of cardsBeats one pair and high card hands. High card rule applies for highest pair value if matched by another playerA pair of Queens and a pair of Jacks (4 cards total) beats a pair of Jacks and a pair of 9s
PairOne pair visible in hand and/or boardBeats high card. High card rule applies to all valid pairs and the highest pair card value wins.Single pair of 7s beats a single pair of 5s
High CardNo pairs visible on the board or in handHigh card is the lowest value pair in poker. High card wins only beat lower high card attemptsHigh card Ace beats high card Queen

Top tips for poker hand values

  • Don’t rely too heavily on having high cards- pairs are the name of the game and a pair of 2s still beats an Ace high card.
  • High cards are important. Any face cards put you in good stead for a strong hand.
  • If you have a weak starting hand it might be worth sticking. You never know what pairs might pop up on the table
  • Know when to fold- not every raise could be a bluff.
  • Keep your poker face- don’t want anyone else knowing you have good cards.


What is the best pair value in poker?

The Royal Flush is the best pair value and beats all other pair values in the game. It can be achieved by having the 10, J, Q, K, and Ace of a single suit visible in one game.

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