Gaming Influencers & Their Earnings

A deep-dive into Gaming & Gambling Influencers

Gaming influencers have managed to accumulate an abundance of followers and income in recent years by monetising what they love the most, playing video games. The main platforms used by these gaming influencers are YouTube, Instagram and Twitch, where they have managed to accumulate millions of followers. MrQ have analysed the top video gamers to reveal who are the most popular and who earns the most.

Analysing some of the biggest platforms for influencers such as Twitch, YouTube and Instagram, we looked at the followers and subscribers of different gamers to find out the most popular ones. Among the top 10 gaming influencers, auronplay ranks as the most popular with more than 50 million followers across YouTube, Twitch and Instagram. The second spot is taken by Dreamwastaken who plays Minecraft and has generated a total of over 30 million followers across the main platforms while Rubius ranks 3rd and has generated a total of 25 million followers across Twitch, YouTube and Instagram.

Twitch UsernameTwitch FollowersYouTube SubscribersInstagram Followers

The highest-earning streamers on Twitch, YouTube and Instagram

Across the top 30 Twitch accounts (which included 3 alt accounts of streamers within the same ranking), the lowest estimated yearly earnings was still a comfortable wage of £20,952 for Minecraft streamer Philza - but many were earning over £100,000 annually, particularly when one considers possible Instagram and YouTube earnings as well. At the top of the rankings for potential earnings, auronplay again saw a victory, with an estimated total of £3,861,247 each year, while Rubius and loud_coringa followed with £2,832,336 and £1,042,122 respectively. Much of this could potentially come from Instagram, where sponsored posts could be bringing in as much as 90% of earnings for players like Rubius. While it’s likely that they aren’t pulling in as many as this, their potential earnings represent the value of their account based on their followers and the engagement with their posts.

Twitch UsernameMain GameTwitch Yearly EarningYT Yearly EarningInstagram Yearly Earning
auronplayGrand Theft Auto V£592,457£472,131£3,861,247
loud_coringaGrand Theft Auto V£230,740£308,571£1,042,122
LITkillahGrand Theft Auto V£108,390£274,286£1,001,683
shroudWorld of Warcraft£383,348£221,538£752,288

5 online casino gamers rank among the top gaming influencers

Gambling gaming is steadily growing with the most popular gambling gamer ranking as the 15th most popular gaming influencer across the main platforms. The title for the most popular gambling gamer goes to coscu who has a total of 9,823,238 followers across Twitch, YouTube and instagram. Among gamers it is significantly growing in popularity with only 5 gambling gamers coscu has still managed to secure the 15th spot of the most popular gamers and a total of nearly 10,000,000 followers across Twitch, YouTube and Instagram.

Twitch UsernameTwitch FollowersYouTube SubscribersInstagram FollowersYearly Earnings

**Sources and methodology**

Source Data Used/Data Point Methodology Twitch Stats Top users based on "Most Popular" list as at 15/06/21. Non-gamer accounts and brand accounts have been removed, as have removed or blocked accounts.

Alt accounts have been retained for calculation of full earnings, but marked. Twitch Value Total videos calculated as "Twitch Total Estimated Media Value" / "Average media value / video". Twitch No. video views per month calculated as "Twitch Average No. views per stream" * "Twitch Total Videos".

30-day months assumed for monthly views.

Yearly earnings estimated on total earnings divided by (months since start date divided by 12). YouTube Value Yearly earnings estimated on total earnings divided by (months since start date divided by 12). Instagram Value Start date assumed as date of first post. Total earnings estimated as value per post * number of posts. Yearly earnings estimated on total earnings divided by (months since start date divided by 12).

Values Converted from dollars as at 21/06/21 at a rate of 0.72.

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