The Sweariest Celebs on Twitter

MrQ studies the world most foul mouthed celebrities in a look at popular culture and entertainment in the UK and further afield.

Social media is a great place for self-expression, and whether sharing less than insightful shower thoughts or giving unwarranted political opinions, celebrities just can’t get enough.

Whether you view swearing as just another form of self-expression or a vulgar use of language, it certainly can provoke a reaction, but who are our sweariest celebs?

We took a look at the most recent 3000 Tweets of some of the most famous names to find out just how much our favourite celebrities drop the F-bomb or any other bombs from A-Z for that matter.

Twitter’s Most Foul-Mouthed Celebs

Looking at a whole host of colourful language, we found that some celebrities expressed themselves through expletives more than others, with our top ten covering everyone from rappers to Real Housewives. However, our number one spot for the celebrity with the worst potty mouth is actor, comedian and online casino buff, Kevin Hart whose tweets have featured a whopping 954 swear words.

The Most Used Swear Words on Twitter

When it comes to the words our sweary celebs are using the most on Twitter, the top ten reads like the cubicle walls of a pub toilet. When we look at the most popular swear word, we can also see that Kevin Hart accounts for 441 of those instances, with Brandi Glanville following close behind with 407 F-bombs.


We took a list of 246 celebrities, including the most followed accounts on Twitter, as well as celebrities known for swearing.

We then collated up to 3,200 of the most recent Tweets for each of these accounts before searching for a total of 63 swear words and variants. This then gave us a total for each word and celebrity, so we could give a final ranking.

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