Where else can you guarantee a great time on a Saturday night? In the Twilight room of course! You won’t see any vampires lurking here, but you’ll find plenty of chances to win the £20 jackpot.

90 Ball
Saturday at 9pm
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The game

The sky might be dark outside but when the sun starts going down, there’s only one thing to do – play bingo! When you’ve made your first deposit, you can join us every Saturday at 9pm for a game of 90 ball bingo with a guaranteed £20 jackpot.

How to play

Playing 90 ball bingo at MrQ couldn’t be simpler, but first, you’re going to need a ticket. You can buy your tickets in the lobby by either using the Quick Buy tab or picking your own tickets if you fancy!

Once the game starts, the balls will start rolling in. You need to match the numbers on your 3x9 grid ticket to win. Shockingly enough, the balls are numbered 1-90 and are called out one by one. Don’t worry about missing a number, because our autodabber means this’ll never happen! Sit back, join the chat and have fun!

Your ticket will look something like this: Bingo 90 ticket

When to play

9pm - Every Saturday

The Twilight room will unlock for you when you make your first deposit. It’s open every Saturday at 9pm and you can buy your tickets in advance!

How to win

In a game of 90 ball bingo, there are three prizes to be won – one line, two lines and a full house. If you’re the first to complete a line of a single ticket then you’ll win the first prize.

If you have all the numbers call on two lines on a single ticket, you’ll win the two line prize. Then, to take home the full house prize, you need every number on a single ticket dabbed.

If you win, we’ll automatically credit your account with your winnings and your name will flash on the screen. If more than one player wins a prize, the money will be split because sharing’s caring.

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