If you’re feeling fin-tastic, our Ocean room is the place for you. With stunning views and plenty of sun, it’s the perfect getaway. Games start every 10 minutes, so you’ll have lots of opportunities to make a splash.

75 Ball
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The game

You don’t need to sit on a plane to enjoy a luxury break, our Ocean room is the perfect setting for anyone who wants some time away. Tickets are just 10p, so there’s no reason you can’t get your swimsuit on and take a dip. After you’ve deposited, there’s a game every 10 minutes, so be shore of yourself and play!

How to play

If you want to play 75 ball bingo, buy your tickets in the lobby, enter the game and wait for the balls to be called out. Match your numbers on your 5x5 grid ticket and win!

The balls are numbered 1-75 (duh!) and are called out one by one. Don’t worry about missing a number, our autodabber feature makes sure you never will. Sit back, join the chat and have fun!

Your ticket should look something like this.

Ocean ticket

How to win

Also known as pattern bingo, 75 ball bingo is trickier than 90 ball. That’s because you need to match a set pattern of numbers to win.

Check the left hand side of the room for the pattern, match that and you're the winner! Alternatively, 75 ball sometimes plays with "coverall” rules where you’ll need to mark every number on your ticket to win.

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