Plinko Casino Strategy Guide

Top Winning Plinko Strategies

Make your descent to cash prize glory in the Plinko Casino game from Hacksaw. Redefine your casino play and get in the know with all of the best Plinko strategies.

Make your descent to cash prize glory in the Plinko Casino game from Hacksaw. Redefine your casino play and get in the know with all of the best Plinko strategies. 

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What is Plinko?Plinko-header-1.png

Plinko is an online crash casino game from Hacksaw based on the widely popular Pachinko games. The goal of Plinko is to place Balls at the top of the game board and they will drop towards a number of winning spaces at the bottom of the game board. Blockers will knock the ball around and, once it lands in a winning space at the bottom, the displayed prize value is awarded. 

Plinko utilises Provably Fair technology to ensure that the results of every round are unique for each player and can be independently checked and verified at the end of each round. Plinko is one of many crash-style casino games that utilise this technology including hit titles like Spaceman, Aviator, and Mines! 

How to Play Plinko Casino Gameblog-slots-plinko-win.png

  1. Select your bet level and press BET to play
  2. Each time you press BET, a new ball will drop from the top and move towards the prize spaces at the bottom
  3. Each space at the bottom contains a win value and, if a ball lands in the space, the value is applied to your bet value as a win
  4. At any point during play, you can increase or decrease the number of active Rows 8-16 to add additional space values
  5. You can change the Risk at any time during play (Low/Medium/High) which will increase or decrease certain multiplier spaces at the bottom of the pyramid

Top Plinko Casino Strategiesblog-slots-plinko-gameplay.png

Play at High Risk

Setting the Risk to the highest level unlocks the chances of bagging the highest rewards. Select your number of Rows and play at max risk for the highest potential prize values. Double this up with the highest number of Rows for the chance to trigger the highest potential payout of 3,843.3x your round bet. 

Play with Max Rows

Playing at Max Rows unleashes up to 17 winning spaces with a great variety of winning values. Experiment with different Risk levels to distribute the prize values or play on High risk to unlock the highest winning values including the max potential payout. 

Play at Minimum Rows and Risk Level

Selecting Risk level Low and the Minimum number of Rows (8) will lower the total available bet values on each round but will drastically increase the chances of returning close to your bet value on every round. The lowest value achievable with these options is 0.9x your total bet meaning you retain 90% of your bet value at a minimum on every round. 

Mix and Match Strats

Variety is the spice of life! Mix and match with different Risk levels, active Rows, and bet levels to get a feel for what works best for you. Experiment to get an idea of what betting and gameplay habits feel the most comfortable and switch from 8-16 active Rows at the beginning of every new round. 

The Plinko Martingale

Roulette’s most popular strategy adapted for your Plinko play. Set the Risk to High and the number of Rows to the max number of 16. Select a bet level and, for every round that results in a win of less than the base bet value, double the bet until a win is achieved that is over the initial bet value. Once a win is achieved, lower the bet down a level and continue this same pattern.

You can also employ the Reverse Martingale strategy that reverses the order so for every win achieved you increase the bet value. Be mindful of your betting habits when following these strategies and utilise our Safer Gambling Tools to keep track of your spending and play times. 

Plinko Bonus Featuresblog-slots-plinko-risk-levels.png

Risk Levels- At any point during play, you can set the Risk Level to Low, Medium, or High with each Risk Level distributing the available winning multipliers differently. Low Risk lowers the maximum win value but increases the multipliers on the easiest winning spaces. As you increase the Risk, the harder spots to win will increase their multiplier and the easier spots will be lowered in value. 

Row Selection- You can set the number of active Rows during play from 8-16 with each number containing a different level of winning spaces and multipliers on each winning space. At the lowest number of Rows, 9 winning spaces are active with a max win value of 28.7x while at the max number of Rows, 17 winning spaces are active with a max multiplier value of 3,843.3x your total bet. 

Plinko Payouts & Odds

Max Number of Rows (16 Active)

Risk LevelWinning Spaces

Medium Number of Rows (12 Active)

Risk LevelWinning Spaces

Lowest Number of Rows (8 Active)

Risk LevelWinning Spaces

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How to win Plinko casino game?

The way to win in Plinko is to have the bet balls land in the multiplier spaces at the bottom of the game grid. The payouts are dependent on the position of the space, the Risk level selected, and the number of Rows activated on the game board.

What is the Plinko casino game RTP?

The RTP for Plinko is 94%. For every £10 bet, the average return to player is £9.40 based on long periods of play.

Who created Plinko?

Plinko was popularised and released by Hacksaw in 2023 and is part of their extensive library of online crash casino games. Other casino games from Hacksaw include titles like Mines, Boxes, and Coins all available on MrQ.

Can I win real cash playing Plinko on MrQ?

All of the casino games available on MrQ are real money games with all winnings paid in real cash. Sign up today and play all of the best casino games on all of your favourite desktop and mobile devices including the premiere live casino titles from Evolution and Pragmatic Play.

Can I play Plinko on mobile?

Take your Plinko action on the go on your favourite iOS and Android mobile devices. Sign up to MrQ today and play over 900 real money mobile slots and casino games.

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