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Provably Fair Casino Games

Decrypting all you need to know about Provably Fair

What is Provably Fair?

Provably Fair is a new innovation for casino gameplay that uses an algorithm to calculate the results and is used to ensure the fairness of every round of play. The name Provably Fair comes from its inception as part of blockchain technology which has most notably been used for making up the Bitcoin cryptocurrency.

The big innovation of Provably Fair is that it allows for full transparency between casino and player as the results of every round and how they are calculated are fully visible to the player at the end of the played round. This means that players can check the fairness of the results and verify for themselves the legitimacy of the game’s level of fairness.

Provably Fair games allow players to view the results with Spaceman allowing up to the last 500 rounds where you can check the results for the validity of its fairness.

blog-provably-3 (1).jpg The seed is generated on every round and made up of 3 main components

How does Provably Fair work?

There are different variations of the Provably Fair formula, but the most common version uses 3 components to make up the results. The game results are decided on a roll and are calculated using:

  • Serverseed- a seed provided by the hosting site
  • Clientseed- a seed generated by the player that can be adjusted
  • Nonce- A number that increases with each bet made by the player


At the start of a given game, the player is given a hash version of the Serverseed which means that it is the final version of the Serverseed and cannot be altered in any way. This version of the Serverseed is also encrypted to ensure that players cannot calculate their own game results to avoid cheating. At the end of a round, the Serverseed is unhashed which will allow the round results to be visible to the player.


The Clientseed is randomly generated and assigned to every active user. Clientseeds are unique for each player and help determine the fairness of each round as these Clientseeds cannot be edited or tampered in any way.

Once a round begins, the Clientseed and the Serverseed are added together and used to calculate the final results that are presented as the hash Serverseed that becomes unhashed (visible) once results are visible to the player.


The Nonce is used to indicate the number of bets placed on a Provably Fair game. On the first bet made by a player, the Nonce starts at 0 and increases by 1 on every additional bet made. The Nonce is used to indicate when a new round begins with each new round increasing it by 1.

How is Provably Fair calculated?

blog-provably-1.jpg Provably Fair uses 3 main components to make the final calculations

Provably Fair results are calculated using the Serverseed, Clientseed, and the Nonce with the 3 components being combined to create the calculation.

The Serverseed and the Clientseed are combined together to create the initial hash with the Nonce adding 1 to its total to indicate the round as validly activated. This hash is then encrypted to ensure that the results cannot be made visible or tampered with in any way.

Once the round has been calculated, the results are presented as a line of numerical code and the first 5 digits are used for the final results. The numbers are taken and converted from hexadecimals into readable decimal numbers (which can be done with a variety of available calculation tools) and the resulting number is taken as the result.

An example of this in practice is:

  • Aa671 is the first 5 digits of the initial outcome
  • Converted from hexadecimal to decimal the number becomes 697969
  • If the number exceeds 999,999 then the next 5 digits are used and the steps restart
  • This formula is then applied to the number- 697969%(10000)/100 which adds 10 to the power of 4 and then divides the results by 100
  • The final number from this should be 79.69 which is then applied to the game’s results

These steps are repeated for every new bet with the Nonce increasing by 1 each time. The final numerical results are saved up to a total of the last 60 rounds and can be viewed by the player at any time to verify their results.


blog-provably-2 (2).png Spaceman is available on from Pragmatic Play

Spaceman is the premiere provably fair casino game available on MrQ from Pragmatic Play. Blast off with the little Spaceman as you soar beyond the stars and collect win multipliers of up to 5,000x your current bet.

Spaceman utilises provably fair technology to ensure that the results of every round are 100% fair for every player. You can check the statistics and leaderboards at any time for information on the previous 50-500 rounds which also supply you with the encrypted round results and generated hash.

How to play Spaceman

  1. Set your bet level (£1-£25) and press bet
  2. Once the bet window has closed, the Spaceman will blast off and the multiplier will increase
  3. The longer the Spaceman is in the air, the higher the multiplier will grow starting at 1.0x
  4. Press cash out at any point during the game to win the cashed out multiplier
  5. The Spaceman has the chance to crash at any point which will end the game
  6. If you have not cashed out before the plane crashes, then the current bet is lost

Spaceman Bonus Features

Auto Cashout- Auto Cashout or 50% Auto Cashout can be set which will automatically cash out when the multiplier reaches a specific value. Both features can be toggled ON/OFF at any time and cashout automatically from 1.01x-4,999.9x

Cashout 50%- During any active round, you can select the Cashout 50% button which will award 50% of the current bet at the cashed out multiplier value. The other 50% of the bet will remain in play until the player has either cashed out or the Spaceman has crashed.

Where can I play Provably Fair casino games?

You can experience Provably Fair casino and play Spaceman today at MrQ. Sign up today and play over 900 slots and casino games with real cash on all winnings.


What does Provably Fair mean?

Provably Fair means that the technology, or individual game, is fully verified as being safe and consistently fair in its results. Provably Fair games also allow for players to check the results of every round and verify the results which make it fair.

What is a gambling seed?

A gambling seed is a one-off piece of text that combines with the food of the game and the player to create the results of the current game. The seed ensures that the results of every round are 100% random and cannot be manipulated or tampered in any way.

Does Provably Fair work?

The algorithms that make up Provably Fair technology are rigorously checked and tested to ensure that they are fit for fair play on every game.

Is Spaceman provably Fair?

Spaceman utilises Provably Fair technology meaning players can be ensured of the integrity of every game outcome and check the results of every round as they occur.

Can I play Provably Fair casino games on mobile?

You can enjoy all the best of Provably Fair casino including Spaceman on any of your favourite mobile devices. Sign up to MrQ today and bag real cash on all winnings on over 900 exciting slots and casino games.

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