The year of the Q- MrQ’s Big Brand Relaunch

Everything you need to know about the new MrQ

A new year and a new look for 2022! MrQ is mixing it up to become the brand we want to be for our players. Read on to find out everything that went into the shiny new look and what the future holds for MrQ.

What has changed?

The focus of the rebrand was to spice up our design and content to match what we believe to be the MrQ story. That means that everything you see and read comes from the heart of what the brand believes and the personality that makes us who we are. We are all about being a bright and bold personality while also having meaningful things to say!

You can see our big changes in the way we look. Fun and excitement needs to look the part and the new visual style certainly fits the bill! We’ve focused on bright colours that pop and stand out from the crowd- much like MrQ itself! Being bold, bright, and eye-catching is what we thrive on being as a brand and we want our visual style to match that. Keep your eyes on the site and our social media channels as we continue to roll out more of our stunning new designs.

Our written content has also gone through some major changes to match this idea. MrQ is a brand built on being exciting, innovative, and, above all else, made for the players, and we wanted a tone of voice that embodied that concept. Our big, bold, and fun visual style needs to be expertly paired with a written tone that is equally as thrilling; like pairing a tasty cheese with a fine wine!

Why did MrQ rebrand?

The rebrand was designed as a way of bringing everything together into one vision. We took the tastiest parts of everything we thrive in; our expertise on gaming, our fun-loving attitude, and our dedication to our players, and made them into what we know as MrQ! The strategy was centered around making a consistent brand image that when you see it you know that it can’t be anyone else.

Mr Who?

Unfamiliar with MrQ? We are the world’s top online casino and bingo site, bringing a host of excitement with over 900 slots and games from some of the top providers worldwide. See for yourself at

Launching in 2018 MrQ has become one of the fastest growing online gaming sites and was recently voted EGR’s Slots Operator of the year for 2021, with previous accolades for "Best Proprietary Bingo site" and “Rising Star”.

MrQ also prides itself on being the forerunner for player-focused and safer gambling with its no-nonsense real money games and range of safe gambling tools. The focus is always for the players-whether it’s keeping things fun, fair, or safe. We know a thing or two about games and pride ourselves on giving players the best online gaming experience on the market; we put the Q in quality!

What should I look forward to for the future?

Look forward to more excitement as we continue to grow throughout 2022 and beyond! MrQ is always adding more of the best games available from some of the most talented providers in the industry. Keep an eye on our social media channels to see all of our exciting new innovations and ways we show off our personality. We look forward to making this year bigger than ever and turning 2022 into the year of the Q.

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