Lightning Roulette Strategy Guide

Top Strategies for Evolution's Lightning Roulette

Turn up the voltage on your Lightning Roulette play with the top tips and strategies for Evolution’s premiere Roulette game. How to play and win real cash in Lightning Roulette.

About Lightning Roulette

Electrifying the world of online casino in 2018, Lighting Roulette hit the scene from Evolution with its slick game show presentation and brand new Lightning Multiplier feature. As well as all of the classic Roulette bets and side bets, Lightning Roulette upped the stakes with a live casino dealer and the brand new Lightning Multiplier mechanic which added up to 5 Lightning numbers to the board on every round.

When the Lightning Multiplier feature is activated, the host pulls the lever and up to 5 single number Inside bets are given a multiplier 50x-500x that is awarded to any winning bets on the Lightning numbers. Play for as little as 20p per round and enjoy a supercharged version of the classic Roulette action.


How to Play Lightning Roulette

If you’re familiar with how to play live Roulette, then Lightning Roulette will fit like a glove to what you already know. However, it does have some extra surprises in store to spice up your Roulette play. For beginners and pros alike, here’s how you play:

  1. Select your chip size and place your Inside or Outside bets
  2. Once the betting phase has ended, the live dealer will pull the lightning lever
  3. Up to 5 random single number Inside bets will be awarded a multiplier that is applied to all wins that occur on the number- from 50x-500x
  4. The Roulette wheel is spun and will stop on a numbered space
  5. All wins are calculated and the round resets back to the betting phase
  6. If a Lightning number is the final result, then all bets on that space have the Lightning multiplier applied to its value


Lightning Roulette Moves Cheat Sheet

Inside Bets

Bet TypeWhere Does it BetWhat Does it Do
Single NumberPlaces a bet in the middle of a single number square on the boardThis places a bet on 1 of the 36 available numbers which wins if the wheel lands on the specific number
SplitPlaces a bet on the white line between 2 numbered spaces on the boardThis places a bet on the 2 numbers that the chip lies between that wins if either number appears on the wheel at the end of a spin
StreetPlaces a bet on a line between 3 numbered spaces on the boardSimilar to Split, this bets on the 3 numbers above the bet that wins if any of the numbers appear on the board
CornerPlaces a bet in the middle of a 4 number gridBets on the 4 surrounding numbers where the bet is made and wins if any of the 4 numbers are the winning number
LinePlaces a bet at the bottom between two columns that bets on all 6 included numbersBets on all 6 numbers in 2 columns that win if any of the included numbers are the final result on the wheel
0Places a bet on the single 0 space at the side of the boardThis places a bet on the 0 space on the wheel that wins if the final result is 0

Outside Bets

Bet TypeWhere Does it BetWhat Does it Do
DozenPlaces a bet on 1 of the 3 available 12 spaces near the bottom of the reels (1st 12, 2nd 12, 3rd 12).Bets on 1 set of 12 available numbers on the board that are above the selected set 12. Wins if any of the numbers in the selected 12 are the final result.
ColumnPlaces a bet on one of the 2 to 1 spaces at the side of the reels that places a bet on the 12 highlighted numbers in the same row as the highlighted 2 to 1 spacePlaces a bet on 12 numbers in the same row left to right that wins if any of the numbers highlighted are the final result.
Red/BlackPlaces a bet on all Red or Black numbered spaces on the boardPuts a bet on half of the numbers on the board that are Red or Black that wins if the final result of the wheel is a matching colour
Evens/OddsPlaces a bet on all Even or Odd numbers on the boardCovers 50% of the available numbers with either all odd valued numbers or all even valued numbers
Low (1-18)Places a bet on all low numbers (1-18)Places a bet on half of the available numbers on the board and wins if the final result is a number between 1-18
High (19-36)Places a bet on all high numbers (19-36)Places a bet on half of the available numbers on the board and wins if the final result is a number between 19-36

Top 5 Lightning Roulette Strategies

As well as the strategies listed below exclusively for Lightning Roulette, you can also employ a number of traditional Roulette strategies including the Martingale, Fibonacci, and Labouchere system. If you want to know more about these strategies including how to play them effectively, then check out Roulette Strategies for more information.

#1- Lightning Focus

This strategy focuses on the previous Lightning numbers and placing bets on those that have appeared the most frequently in the previous rounds. Solely place Inside bets on single numbers and maximise your chances of activating those Lightning Multipliers.

#2- Spread Across Numbers

This strategy has you splitting equal valued bets across multiple numbers to maximise the chances of activating a Lightning number or having a winning number. For each single number win, a payout of 29:1 is awarded with Lightning Multipliers increasing the total win value up to 499:1. Spreading across multiple single numbers increases the chances of having a winning number and having a Lightning number.

#3- Set Strict Limits

Regardless of strategy, set limits on your betting behaviour and budgets to ensure that you are always playing within your limits. Split your bets in a way that is manageable and comfortable for you and ensure that you set strict time and money limits to ensure you are always playing within your means. This is especially important if you plan to incorporate multiple bets on any round or plan to follow a traditional Roulette strategy.

#4- Split your Bets

This strategy splits your focus between a mixture of Outside and Inside bets to balance your chances of winning on any given round. Mix it up between multiple Inside bet numbers and Outside bets or focus on 1 Outside bet to increase your potential chances of winning. This strategy can be combined with classic Roulette strategies like the Martingale to understand when to change betting habits or change bet values.

#5- Keep it Outside

If you want to play a more traditional game of Roulette with safer odds, you can still focus exclusively on Outside bets that have a near 50/50 chance of winning. Focus on a single betting style or mix it up between Red/Black, Odds/Evens, and High/Low. Each bet type awards a 1:1 payout for successful wins.


Lightning Roulette Odds & Payouts

Inside Bets

Bet TypePayoutWinnings (based on a £5 bet)
Single Number29-499:1£145-£2,495

Outside Bets

Bet TypePayoutWinnings (based on a £5 bet)
Low (1-18)1:1£5
High (19-36)1:1£5

Top Tips for Winning Lightning Roulette


  • Start Slow- Get a feel for how a round is played and test out with a variety of Inside and Outside bets to get comfortable with the different rules and mechanics.
  • Focus on single number bets- To maximise your time at the Lightning Roulette table, focusing on single number Inside bets is key as the Lightning multipliers can only appear on single number bets.
  • Split your bets- Once you’re comfortable with how a game is played, split your Inside bets across multiple numbers to maximise your chances of hitting those Lightning Multipliers.
  • Understand Roulette- Understanding the basics of Roulette is key to getting the most out of your Lightning Roulette play. Check out How to Play Roulette for more info on the basic rules as well as top tips and betting types.
  • Play Safely- Make sure that you are always playing smart and safe by setting limits and sticking to them. If you need some help with setting time and budget limits, check out our Safer Gambling Tools that you can apply to your account in seconds.

Similar Games to Lightning Roulette

Game NameRTP(%)Description
Lightning Blackjack99.56%Who says Lightning doesn’t strike twice as Blackjack has been given the same 20-volt treatment! Add special multipliers on winning hand values from win values of 4 all the way to 21. Win a round to qualify and bag some Lightning multiplier wins.
Lightning Baccarat98.76%Crank up the voltage on Baccarat with up to 5 Lightning cards active each round. If you have a winning hand containing a Lighting card, then up to an 8x multiplier is applied to your total win. Will you side with the Player or Banker in your Baccarat battles?
XXXtreme Lightning Roulette97.30%Take Lightning Roulette to the XXXtreme with up to 10 Lightning numbers on any round and up to a 2,000x multiplier added to wins. Watch out for double strikes that can add additional multipliers to Lightning numbers.
Gold Bar Roulette97.30%Crack open the vault and make your live Roulette game 24-karat. Win special Gold Bars for any win on a single number bet and bet them instead of cash for the chance to win 88x your total bet level on any round.
Space Invaders Roulette97.30%Calling all Earthlings! The aliens from the hit arcade video game have invaded the world of Roulette. Shoot down Space Invaders and add special win multipliers to single number bets.


What is the safest bet in Lightning Roulette?

The safest bet in Lightning Roulette is the Outside bets that have a near 50/50 chance of winning including High/Low, Odds/Evens, and Red/Black.

How to win Lightning Roulette?

The way to win in Lightning Roulette is to accurately predict the results of the wheel spin with payouts increasing for how close to the result your prediction is. Successfully predicting the number that lands awards the highest payout.

What move has the best payout in Lightning Roulette?

The move with the best payout is the single number bets that award a standard payout of 29:1 but can have Lightning multipliers applied to increase the winning value up to 500:1.

What is the best strategy for Lightning Roulette?

The best strategy for Lightning Roulette is to scatter multiple single number bets on the table. This will increase the chance of hitting a winning number and activating a number containing a Lightning Multiplier.

Can I play Lightning Roulette on mobile?

Electrify the table and play live casino games on the go as Lightning Roulette is fully compatible on all iOS and Android mobile devices. Enjoy seamless live casino games and win real cash at MrQ.

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