FlyX Casino Strategies

Top Winning FlyX Casino Strategies

Up, up, and away with the FlyX crash casino game. Soar to the stars and discover everything you need to know about FlyX.

The sky's the limit in FlyX from Buck Stakes Entertainment. With great power comes great prizes and there’s plenty to grab as you ascend with our soaring superhero. Place your bets and watch as the Superhero collects juicy multipliers as he flies up, up, and away. Cash out at any point to secure your winnings and, watch out, as the Superhero can soar off screen at any time to end the round and void any unclaimed winnings. 

You can set up to 2 bets on every round with each containing their own winnings that can be cashed out independently at any time. Activate the Auto Bet function with full bet limit customisations and enjoy the superhero action of FlyX!

FlyX is a casino crash game akin to titles like Aviator and Spaceman where every round is independently generated to be provably fair. Check out our Provably Fair Casino Games blog for more info on how provably fair is calculated and generated for a whole new casino experience. 

How to Play FlyX

flyx-blog-2.jpgPlaying FlyX is as simple as following these basic steps:

  1. Choose your bet level and select Bet during the bet phase
  2. Once the Bet Phase has expired, the round will begin and the Superhero will start collecting multipliers 
  3. Press Cash Out at any point to secure your current winnings 
  4. If the Superhero flies away before Cash Out is selected, then the round ends and no winnings are awarded
  5. Up to 2 Bets can be set on every round with each having their own Cash Out options 
  6. Select the Auto Bet function at any time to set a number of automatic bets including bet level, number of rounds, and Cash Out values.

How to Win FlyX Casino Game

flyx-blog-1.jpgThe way to win in FlyX is to select Cash Out before the Superhero flies away with all winnings collected when you select Cash Out. The maximum win that can be achieved on any round is up to 10,000x your total bet.

You can also set up to 2 bets per round with each bet having its own Cash Out options to increase your chances of winning on each round. You can mix and match your bets to Cash Out early or see how long you can collect multipliers before Cashing Out.

FlyX Mobile Casino

Take the flight on the go as FlyX is fully compatible on all iOS and Android mobile devices. Play in seamless portrait or landscape mode that keeps all features on-screen at all times including the betting options, play board, and Cash Out button.

FlyX Playing Strategies

flyx-blog-3.jpgLooking to maximise your FlyX casino gameplay? Here are some top strategies to get you geared up for your ascent to the stars!

#1- Split Bets

On any round, FlyX allows you to make up to 2 independent bets with each containing their own bet value that can be cashed out at any point. Maximise your two bets by setting 2 separate betting behaviours and limits for each bet. Go low and high on each or maximise both to increase your chances of winning. 

#2- FlyX Martingale

Roulette’s favourite strategy can be adapted to fit perfectly with your FlyX betting strategies. Essentially, for every round that you are unsuccessful in cashing out, double your current bet value until a winning round is achieved. Once a winning round is achieved, lower your bet level and repeat.

Ensure that you set minimum and maximum betting levels when using this strategy to ensure you are always playing within your means and keeping the experience fun. Check out our extensive range of Safe Gambling Tools if you need any assistance with setting limits including bet limits, game time limits, or want to take a break from play. 

#3- Start & Finish

This strategy utilises 2 bets but uses each in a very different way. On each round, set both bets as the same value and use one of them as a safety bet. On each round, cash out 1 of your bets early to secure a win and utilise your other bet to maximise your potential return on the round. If the long bet results in a non-win, then you minimise the level of loss through your early cash out bet. 

#4- Auto Bet Bonanza

FlyX allows you to set fully customisable Auto Bets including bet values, number of rounds, and the minimum and maximum cash out values. Set your limits, sit back, and watch the action of FlyX. Customise your Auto Bet behaviour and experiment to see what works best for you. 

#5- Solo Flight

Sometimes simple is sensational as this strategy focuses on utilising a single bet every round that you can cash out whenever you feel. Select your bet value and play with a single bet on every round to keep the action simple and fun. Experiment with different bet levels to see what works best for you and just remember to keep it enjoyable! 

FlyX Bonus Features

Double Bet- Up to 2 bets can be set on every round with each bet acting as its own bet. You can modify the bet levels on each bet and choose when to Cash Out on each one independently of the other. 

Auto Bet- At any point during play, you can select the Auto Bet feature which includes fully customisable auto features including bet levels, number of Auto Bet rounds, and the minimum and maximum Cash Out values. Set your Auto Bet to your liking and enjoy the action!


What is the FlyX RTP?

The RTP for FlyX is 97%. For every £10 bet, the average return to player is £9.70 based on long periods of play.

What is the max win for FlyX?

The max win for FlyX is 10,000x your total bet.

How to win FlyX casino game?

The way to win in FlyX is to select Cash Out before the round ends with the multiplier collected at the point of Cash Out being awarded as an instant cash prize.

What does Provably Fair mean?

Provably Fair means that the technology, or individual game, is fully verified as being safe and consistently fair in its results. Provably Fair games also allow for players to check the results of every round and verify the results which make it fair.

Can I play FlyX on mobile?

Reach for the sky on the go as FlyX is fully compatible on all mobile devices. Sign up on MrQ today and play over 900 real money mobile slots and casino games.

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