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What is Blackjack X-Change

Blackjack X-Change is an all-new Blackjack variation from Slingo Originals featuring the ability to buy and sell cards mid-game. This is online Blackjack like you’ve never played before featuring the X-Change feature that allows for you to swap out cards during play. Trade weak cards in for better ones or sell your valuable cards for instant cash rewards. Pit your wits (and upgraded hand) against the dealer and win up to 3:2 on your stake when you hit Blackjack.

Blackjack X-Change allows you to sell valuable cards for instant cash prize or, for a one-off fee, remove a weak card from play for the chance to upgrade your hand and beat the dealer. Strategise when to go for the strongest hand or when to add a little extra to your game by selling strong cards for instant prizes.


How to play Blackjack X-Change

Now that you know all about Blackjack X-Change, here is a step by step on how to play

  1. Choose your chip size and place your bets to begin
  2. 2 cards will be given to the player and the dealer
  3. Players have the option to either stand with the current hand or hit to be given an additional card
  4. During play, you are given the option to buy/sell cards in your hand to upgrade your hand or cash in on valuable cards
  5. The dealer will reveal their two-card hand and if your hand value is closer to 21, then you win
  6. If your hand value goes over 21, then you are bust and all stakes are collected by the dealer
  7. If you and the dealer have the same hand value, then your initial stake is returned to you and the game restarts

How to win Blackjack X-Change

On any given hand of Blackjack X-Change, the dealer stands on soft 17 or higher up to a maximum of 21. Wins can be achieved by either having a higher hand value than the dealer, busting the dealer, or achieving a natural soft Blackjack by having an Ace and a King in your two-card hand. Achieving a Blackjack awards a payout ratio of 3:2.

Winnings can also be collected by exchanging specific high-value cards during play. The value of each X-Change is determined by the value of the current hand with each additional hit changing the values of each individual card. X-Changing a high value card will take the card value away from the hand value and replace it with a brand new card that is applied to the total value of the hand.

Buying/Selling Cards

Once cards have been distributed, and at any time during play, you have the option to either buy or sell cards in your current hand. You will be given the green prompt if your card is valid to sell along with the value of the card that is added to your winnings. If the prompt is red then you have the option to swap out the card for an additional cost and receive a new card in your hand. Each time a card is X-Changed, its value is removed from the current hand and the new card is added to the total value. The X-Change feature can be activated at any time including after every Hit or on each individual card during a Split.

The value of each card is dependent on the current hand value and the importance of the card to the current hand. On any given hand, high value cards such as face cards (A,K,Q,J) are some of the most valuable cards and had the highest chance of being prompted for selling. Likewise, low value cards (2-5) have the highest chance of prompting the buy feature where you can pay a fee to swap them out for a stronger card.


Blackjack X-Change Bonus Features

Along with the unique card buying/selling mechanic, Blackjack X-Change has a number of other bonus features to spice up the Blackjack fun including:

Rebet and Double- After the final results of the hand are revealed and winnings paid, you can select the Rebet or Rebet and Double options to apply the bet from the previous round or add an additional 100% on to the current bet level for the next round.

Turbo Mode- At any point during play, you can activate Turbo Mode which gets you straight into the action by revealing all cards and results in seconds without the extra card playing animations. This option can be toggled ON/OFF at any point during play.

Top tips for Blackjack X-Change

-** Strategise your current hand**- Like any Blackjack game, it all comes down to how you play your hand. Strategise with what you have in your hand and know when to hit and when to stand. Check out our Blackjack Odds guide to give you a better idea of the likelihood of a bust on both your hand and the dealer's

  • Know when to buy or sell- It might be tempting to sell every valuable card in your hand or swap out every card that might be a bit weaker but make sure you consider your options. If you trade too many cards it could mean that your winnings for beating the dealer are lower than you might otherwise get or you could end up costing yourself the win cashing in all those good cards. Understand the values of your bets and strategise for best results.
  • You don’t need to always get 21- While reaching 21 is the most effective strategy as it guarantees a win, it is not always the primary goal. As long as you are closer than the dealer to 21 without busting, you are in for a win. Be careful you don’t bust your hand trying to hit 21.
  • Utilise a Blackjack strategy chart- Strategy charts are important for increasing your chances of making the right moves and maximising your chances of success. Follow our Blackjack Charts guide to know when to make the optimal moves
  • Keep it fun- Above all else, keep your play fun. If you find that you are getting frustrated or are losing more than you are comfortable with then consider taking a break or setting limits for yourself. Take a look at our Safer Gambling Tools if you need a hand setting time, deposit, or session limits today.


Top Online Blackjack Variations

Looking to get stuck into the exciting world of online Blackjack variations? Here are a few of our personal favourites to get you started.

Infinite Blackjack99.47%Infinite possibilities in this supercharged live Blackjack experience. Pit your hand against the live dealer and bet on a selection of all-new side bets including wins for busting the dealer, if the dealer has a hot hand, or combine your hand with the dealers to form 5-card Poker values.
Lightning Blackjack99.56%Electrify your Blackjack game with a variety of multipliers applied to wins. Add an additional up to 15x to any winning hand and up to 25x on any Blackjack hand value.
Free Bet Blackjack98.45%Take to the live Blackjack table and get any split or double bet for no additional cost. Split your pair and double your chances of winning or double up on a strong hand and the additional 100% is added for free.

Where can I play Blackjack games online

You can play all of the top online Blackjack games, including the finest selection of Blackjack variations including the top live Blackjack games from Evolution, on MrQ. Sign up today and play the highest RTP Blackjack games on all of your favourite devices including PC, tablet, and all iOS and Android mobile devices.


What online Blackjack game has the highest RTP on MrQ?

The online Blackjack game with the highest RTP is Multihand Vegas Strip Blackjack with an RTP of 99.69%. For every £10 bet, the average return to player is £9.96 based on long periods of play.

How do I sell and buy cards in Blackjack X-Change?

After your 2-card hand has been given, you are given the prompt on if you can sell or buy any of your current cards. After each hit, the current cards can be bought or sold depending on the card values and the overall value of the hand. This continues until you Stand with the current hand where final results are calculated.

What is the best hand in Blackjack?

The best hand in Blackjack is the aptly named Blackjack that is achieved by having an Ace and a face card (K,Q,J) in your initial 2-card hand. Achieving a Blackjack will instantly win the game and end the round.

Does MrQ have live Blackjack games?

There is a wide selection of live Blackjack games available on MrQ including some of the top live Blackjack variations such as Infinite Blackjack, Lightning Blackjack, and Free Bet Blackjack.

Can I play Blackjack games on mobile?

Play all of the top Blackjack games including the top live variations from Evolution on all of your favourite mobile devices. Sign up to MrQ today and play over 900 real money mobile slots and the best selection of live casino Blackjack games online.

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