The 2022 European Rooftop Bar Index

MrQ gives you the low-down on the best rooftop bars in Europe!

In recent years, rooftop bars have become a summer hotspot for people to escape bustling city life and enjoy a drink with stunning views. But which European city is home to the best rooftop bars?

We’ve analysed 145 rooftop bars in 30 European cities based on five metrics that can make or break a great rooftop bar experience, including average review rating, number of reviews, the popularity of Instagram hashtags, and average temperatures in the summer.

In addition, we took a closer look at each city to determine what each city has to offer outside of the rooftop bars and if it would make a great location for a city break. We analysed the average cost of a pint of beer, the average price of a cocktail, one night in a hotel, and a meal out in each city. We also reveal the number of bars and clubs, and how many hours of sunshine each location gets in summer to find the ultimate location to escape to.

The top 10 rooftop bars in Europe

1. 360 Istanbul

360 Istanbul.png

360 Istanbul takes the top spot, with 3,532 reviews, a four-star rating, and average temperatures of 24.5°C in summer, guests can sip their drinks while enjoying Istanbul’s beautiful views. The multi-award-winning modern penthouse restaurant, bar and club that hosts DJs, vocalists and dancers for performances each weekend, has also been tagged 12,102 times on Instagram.

2. Cloud 23, Manchester

Cloud 23.png

The Manchester-based bar, Cloud 23 takes second place, thanks to its impressive popularity on Instagram with over 40,000 hashtags. Despite scoring a rating of 3.5 across 2,105 reviews, the bar located in the Hilton hotel offers delicious cocktails with incredible views of Manchester’s skyline. However, the average price of a cocktail is £15.00 and if you’re looking for warm weather, Manchester’s average temperature of 17°C may not make it the best destination for you.

3. PK Cocktail Bar, Santorini

PK Cocktail Bar.png

PK Cocktail Bar, Santorini’s longest-running cocktail bar ranks third. Clearly popular with its customers, PK Cocktail Bar has secured an impressive five-star rating and the hashtag #pkcocktailbar has been used 2,583 times. With an average temperature of 26°C in summer Santorini is the warmest location out of our top three cities.

4. Klunkerkranich Rooftop, Berlin

Klunkerkranich Rooftop.png

Located on the rooftop of a shopping centre, Klunkerkranich in Germany’s capital takes fourth place, with an average rating of four stars across 449 reviews. With over 34,000 Instagram hashtags it is clearly one of Berlin’s hottest spots and with the cheap price of just £6.09 on average for a cocktail, this is hardly surprising.

5. Mikla, Istanbul


With over 2,000 reviews and a four-star rating, Mikla secures itself fifth place. Offering some of Istanbul’s best views, guests can also experience visionary interpretations of traditional Turkish dishes. The average price of a cocktail comes to £9, which can be enjoyed in 24.5°C weather in summer.

6. Golden View Open Bar, Florence

Golden View Open Bar.png

Located alongside the Arno river, Golden View Open Bar is Florence’s best rooftop bar and restaurant. As in Istanbul, the average temperature in summer is 24.5°C and visitors have tagged #goldenviewopenbar 943 times. If you’re looking to enjoy a bottle of wine, with or without food, you can expect to pay £20.16 for the cheapest bottle of white or red wine.

7. Thea Terrace Bar, Athens

Thea Terrace Bar_.png

Thea Terrace Bar may be one of Athen’s hidden gems, with just 134 Instagram hashtags, however, reviewers rate it 4.5 stars. With sizzling temperatures of 27.5°C, Athens is undoubtedly the perfect place to go if you want to enjoy cocktails in hot weather.

8. V Lounge Cafe & Cocktail Bar, Santorini

V Lounge Cafe _ Cocktail Bar.png

On the top floor of the Panorama Boutique Hotel, V Lounge Cafe & Cocktail Bar ranks in eighth place. While you may get stunning views, this also comes with a price tag, as the average price of a cocktail comes to almost £37. Despite this, it gets reviewed well, scoring 4.5 stars with 1,092 reviews.

9. Metropolis Roof Garden, Athens


Greece is clearly the top destination if you’re looking for a great rooftop bar experience, with Metropolis Roof Garden in Athens placing ninth. Relatively new, this restaurant and bar is another hidden gem that must be on your bucket list if you’re a rooftop lover. With just 138 reviews so far and 187 hashtags on Instagram, it has secured a near-perfect 4.5-star rating.

10. Acropolis Secret Bar Restaurant, Athens

Acropolis Secret Bar Restaurant.png

Rounding off the top 10 is another location in Athens, with breathtaking views of the museum of Acropolis. Another one of Greece’s best-kept secrets, this seasonal rooftop restaurant located on top of the five star Divani Palace Acropolis has a fantastic rating (4.5 stars).

Which of the 30 cities also makes a great destination for city breaks?

Now that we’ve discovered the best rooftop bars to explore this summer, we wanted to find out what each of the cities analysed has to offer and where you should go for a last-minute city break.

We compared all 30 cities against six metrics, including food and drink prices, the number of bars and clubs, the average cost of one night in a hotel and the total sunshine hours in June, July and August.

RankCityCost of a Domestic Draught Beer (0.5l)Cost of a CocktailCost of a Meal OutNumber of Bars and ClubsCost of a HotelTotal Sunshine Hours in Summer

Once again, Istanbul comes out on top as the best destination for a city break in Europe. Home to a varied melting pot of cultures and cuisines, you’ll find Europe’s cheapest meals in Turkey’s largest city with the average cost of a meal being just £4.27 per person. This city also ranks number one for affordable accommodation with a night at a hotel priced at £34.88 per night on average.

Prague comes in second place, with half a litre of draught beer costing just £1.53 in the Czech Republic’s capital. Cocktails in this city have an average price of £6 and you can dine out for around £8.66 per person. The city also has the second-highest number of pubs and bars of all locations (631).

In third place is the Spanish city of Seville, where the sun shines for a total of 1,043 hours each summer. Domestic beer costs around £1.68 per half a litre, and a night’s stay in a hotel here has an average price of £4.16. Cocktails are also cheap, costing an average of £7, however, in terms of number of bars and pubs, with 182 Seville ranks fairly average.

London ranks further down in 22nd place, with the average cost for beer and a cocktail substantially higher at £5.50 and £11 respectively. What London lacks in sunshine (just 583 hours in summer), it makes up for in bars and clubs, as it has the highest number of all 30 cities - an impressive 1067.

Budapest takes the top spot for cheapest draught beer in Europe

At just £1.47 per half a litre, Budapest offers the cheapest draught beer. A popular choice for many stag and hen do’s, it is hardly surprising that the cheap cost for alcohol attracts lots of people. While the number of venues to enjoy the low prices is slightly low (251), our number one rooftop bar, The Duchess, is one of them.

Take a look at the other top cities for cheap beer:

RankCityCost of a Domestic Draught Beer (0.5l)

Europe’s biggest sun traps

With its instantly recognisable blue and white architecture, golden orange sunsets and steep cliffs that lead into the sea, Santorini is a location that is complemented perfectly by the sun.

The Greek island enjoys a total of 1,227 hours of sunshine each summer, with an average of 14 hours of sunshine each day in July, which makes it a great spot to enjoy rooftop bars such as PK Cocktail Bar which ranks as the third-best in Europe according to our analysis.

Other cities with the most sun in summer include:

RankCityAverage Sunshine Hours in JuneAverage Sunshine Hours in JulySunshine Hours in AugustTotal Sunshine Hours in the Summer

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Manchester comes in last place when it comes to the number of sunshine hours during the summer months. Known for it’s rainy and unpredictable weather, across June, July, and August Mancunions get just 460 hours of sunshine. Brussels and Reykjavik follow in second and third place with 491 and 521 hours respectively.

With summer around the corner, has this spiked your interest in a summer getaway to discover some of Europe’s best rooftop bars?

Please find the full ranking below:

RankBarCityAverage RatingNumber of ReviewsInstagram HashtagsAverage Temperature in Summer (°C)Total Score
1360 IstanbulIstanbul43,53212,10224.56.58
2Cloud 23Manchester3.52,10540,52417.05.97
3PK Cocktail BarSantorini51,5002,53826.05.96
4Klunkerkranich RooftopBerlin444934,06619.25.61
6Golden View Open BarFlorence42,64494324.55.37
7Thea Terrace BarAthens4.536713427.55.37
8V Lounge Cafe & Cocktail BarSantorini4.51,09211626.05.31
9Metropolis Roof GardenAthens4.513818727.55.27
10Acropolis Secret Bar RestaurantAthens4.5145927.55.26
11Azotea del CírculoMadrid41,9522,56624.75.25
12La Terraza de ÓscarMadrid4.51,0401,79024.75.11
13La Terraza de EMESeville444713027.04.98
14Safestay AthensAthens4.1383927.54.98
15SE·STO on ArnoFlorence41,2602,41324.54.89
16Level 5thSeville411571027.04.88
17Le Perchoir MenilmontantParis3.563222,14620.34.77
18Tango Champagne & Cocktail BarSantorini42681,02026.04.73
19SUD LisboaLisbon48488,07722.84.72
20Adèle Mixology LoungeRome52615524.24.72
21Bairro Alto Hotel RooftopLisbon4.51,4961122.84.70
22Terrazza GalliaMilan4.55233,14523.54.69
23High Note SkybarBudapest4.56807,10021.94.68
24Terraza Hotel Doña MaríaSeville3.531738927.04.64
25La Terrazza BarFlorence4.533420424.54.64
26Wet StoriesSantorini3.53712,88426.04.61
27Spago IstanbulIstanbul42343,70524.54.55
28The Hat Rooftop MadridMadrid43852,10724.74.55
29Restaurant Terrazza DanieliVenice41,6384123.04.52
30Penthouse 21Athens3.31727.54.49
31Pura Vida TerrazaSeville31632,96027.04.47
3247 Circus Roof GardenRome44991,94024.24.46
34Pulitzer Terrace BarBarcelona54923.14.43
35Terrazza BorrominiRome4863,46724.24.39
36The V Rooftop BarLisbon519222.84.37
37Terrazza TriennaleMilan3.59604,30823.54.37
38Level 27Warsaw4.556116,19618.04.36
391881 Per SagardiBarcelona41,04148123.14.31
40Mayssa BeachNice479334023.54.30
41Monkey Bar Bikini HausBerlin41,9907,50519.24.30
42Rooftop MonsignyNice4.56921223.54.28
4383.3 Terrace BarBarcelona4.514954623.14.24
44Loggia Roof BarFlorence42536324.54.22
45Monkey IstanbulIstanbul41135524.54.21
46Radio Rooftop MilanMilan3.56623,35823.54.17
47Skyline Rooftop BarVenice473339623.04.16
49Cielo TerraceRome4406524.24.12
50Tosca & Nino at La RinascenteFlorence3.5992,47224.54.10
52SkyLounge AmsterdamAmsterdam42,1918,29617.54.04
53The Queen of HoxtonLondon3.529319,30718.64.02
54Sky Bar & Terraza 360ºMadrid3.58060724.74.01
55The DuchessBudapest490832221.93.98
56Hotel Minerva Roof GardenRome3.532739924.23.97
57Das LoftVienna45083,30421.43.89
58Entretanto Rooftop Bar @ Hotel ChiadoLisbon417939122.83.87
59The Sky Garden Rooftop TerraceBudapest4.473221.93.84
60Porto Rooftop FloresPorto5111420.53.83
61Aurora Rooftop BarVienna4.57565521.43.81
62The Ivy Spinningfields ManchesterManchester41,9667,96617.03.80
63Terasa U PrincePrague3.52,5646,95817.53.80
65Farago on the RoofNice3.51691,07123.53.79
66The Roof MilanoMilan3.51331,16523.53.78
67Rooftop OhlaBarcelona3.5782,67223.13.76
6820 StoriesManchester42,2665,58917.03.76
69Sky Terrace Bar Milano ScalaMilan3.59425323.53.70
70Skylounge Nice Bar & RooftopNice3.52253223.53.69
71Radio Rooftop Bar MadridMadrid31132324.73.68
72Dukes 92Manchester41,4527,79717.03.57
73The City Club (Rooftop)Porto4.5248420.53.56
74173 Rooftop TerraceBarcelona3.52913223.13.55
75Atmosphere Rooftop BarVienna416422721.43.52
7617Degrees Restaurante e BarPorto446026820.53.43
78Lamée RooftopVienna3.51423,01921.43.42
79Blind SpotVenice318921823.03.32
81W LoungeAmsterdam410910,27017.53.31
82Créatures ParisParis423353820.33.30
83Hiltl DachterrasseZurich4.522093218.93.30
84Cloud 9 Sky Bar & LoungePrague4.59231,02417.53.27
85The Rooftop St. JamesLondon4.531358118.63.24
86Settimo Cielo RooftopVenice3191123.03.23
87Gallery Rooftop BarBerlin4.52425019.23.23
88Nimb RoofCopenhagen517318.03.23
91The CulpeperLondon44892,71218.63.17
92George bar & grillZurich44631,42718.93.14
93Vintage Cocktail ClubDublin4.51,1334,00315.63.11
96Illum RooftopCopenhagen4555,00018.03.01
97Terass BarParis3.51311,07720.33.00
99Liebling – Hidden Rooftop BarBudapest3241621.92.98
101Savage GardenLondon42261,40018.62.97
102Deck5 Sky BarBerlin49236719.22.97
103The 43- Roof TopParis3.59544520.32.94
104Secret Rooftop by WarwickBrussels4.27531718.52.91
105Clouds - Heaven's NestHamburg495311717.52.91
108REM EilandAmsterdam44462,45317.52.87
109Stockholm Under StjärnornaStockholm4.51173717.52.86
110OOO ZurichZurich435618.92.85
111METRUM RestobistroKrakow4.53923617.52.83
112Jardin RooftopBrussels43770018.52.81
113OGRÓD NA DACHU KAZIMIERZAKrakow4.5121017.52.81
116Concept 13 RestaurantWarsaw42824918.02.74
118Duplex The Rooftop VenuePrague432414217.52.65
119Zielone TarasyKrakow4941,26317.52.63
120Skyline Bar 20upHamburg423334317.52.62
121Laho RooftopParis31427220.32.59
122Restaurant SiloCopenhagen3.52432,03918.02.57
123One SquareEdinburgh4.581729515.02.57
125The Campari LoungeHamburg42160517.52.55
126La MuñaZurich3.5411318.92.55
127Bidges & SonsHamburg41622917.52.52
128Dakterras GAPPAmsterdam4372917.52.52
129Playlabel Rooftop BarBrussels3.57252718.52.51
130Tramonto RooftopCopenhagen3.512156718.02.41
132Glass BarPrague3.522520417.52.31
133Balcony Bar PraguePrague3.58146717.52.27
134Nor’ LoftEdinburgh4.57645515.02.27
135Cold Town HouseEdinburgh4‎3892,12515.02.06
137Le HibouStockholm3.562817.52.20
138Terrace NQManchester3.515539917.02.17
139The Marker BarDublin426613915.62.16
141The NestZurich2.5424518.91.95
142Upper 5th ShoreditchLondon2.5711518.61.88
143The Roof Sky BarWarsaw2.51321318.01.74
144Manons RestaurantCopenhagen2.56n/a18.01.72
145SKYbar EdinburghEdinburgh2.512n/a15.01.05

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