Fruit Warp

A new and exciting take on the traditional slot game with bonus features including fruit mode and multiplier.

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Slot RTP:97
Min/Max Bet:10p/£50
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Game info

Fruit Warp is a slot game like no other. There’re no paylines you need to match – yes you heard us right. Instead, to win the big money, match five or more fruit pay table symbols and enter the quick money building fruit mode.

Fruit Warp is set in the void of time and space, although the bright green background, it’s chirpier than we’d imagined. There are no standard play boards or grids, nor are there your run-of-the-mill pay table symbols.

The exciting colours and funky music all help make this slot feel fun and entertaining while playing. The music reminds us of waiting on hold to a customer service line, but a nice one – if that even exists?

How to play

Usually, in this section we’d talk about the play board and the amount of winning paylines. However, Fruit Warp really isn’t your usual slot game. To win big, simply click action and watch the nine fruit pay symbols fly out from the void.

Pay table symbols (from least to most valuable)

  • Cherries
  • Plum
  • Strawberry
  • Orange
  • Banana
  • Grapes
  • Star Fruit
  • Kiwano Fruit
  • Dragon Fruit

Bonus features

Fruit Warp will do everything it can to help you enter Fruit Mode. If you match only four symbols, it’ll respin the other symbols and replace them with spanking new ones. Even if you have two pairs of four matching symbols, the remaining symbol will be respun and replaced.

Fruit mode is where Fruit Warp really comes into its own. Trigger it by matching five or more of any of the fruit pay table symbols.

Fruit mode consists of a series of spins which will continue with every matching symbol collected. Every step you take, your chances of winning big money increases.

For every milestone you hit, you will be granted either a multiplier or an extra bonus life. The multiplier increases the further you go on the meter. That means whatever amount you win in that game will be multiplied by nine. There has never been such a higher incentive to eat your five-a-day.

Fruit Warp bonus

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