Prize Punch LuckyTap

It’s the thrill of the fight! Load up the gloves and show your skills on the speed bag. Coming Q4 2023.

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About Prize Punch LuckyTap

The roar of the crowd awaits in Prize Punch LuckyTap from Design Works Gaming. It’s time to eat lightning and bring the thunder as you rise through the boxing ranks. Put the gloves on and smash a score of 300 or more to win up to 9 dazzling cash prizes with each 100 points adding an extra prize each. Break the scale and score 940 or more to activate the Progressive Jackpot feature with up to 3 undisputed jackpots to unlock including the Mega prize for scoring 980 or higher.

How to play Prize Punch LuckyTap

  1. Choose your bet level and press spin to begin
  2. The glove will hit the speed bag and a score will be displayed
  3. If the score is 300 or higher, the 3-9 prizes are awarded with 1 prize awarded for each 100 points scored (up to 9 for scoring 900+)
  4. During play, each bet made contributes towards the 3 progressive jackpots above the reels
  5. If 940 or more points are scored, 1 of 3 progressive jackpots are awarded depending on your score 
  6. 940+ awards the Minor jackpot, 960+ awards Major jackpot and 980+ awards Mega jackpot

Pay table symbols

Prize values based on a £1 bet

  • £40
  • £30
  • £20
  • £12
  • £8
  • £6
  • £4
  • £3
  • £2
  • £1.60
  • £1.20
  • 80p
  • 60p
  • 40p
  • 20p

Bonus symbols

  • Points- Awarded on each round and dictates prizes awarded

Bonus features

Prize Points- During play, each round results will display a points value 0-1000. Depending on the total score, 3-9 cash prizes can be activated with the values being:

Prize PointsPrizes Awarded
Under 300No prize awarded
3003 cash prizes
4004 cash prizes
5005 cash prizes
6006 cash prizes
7007 cash prizes
8008 cash prizes
9009 cash prizes
940+1 of 3 progressive jackpots

Progressive Jackpots- As well as standard cash prizes, up to 3 progressive jackpots can be won that are contributed towards with every bet made. The contributions towards the progressive jackpots are also dependent on the total bet level with higher bets contributing more to the overall prize pot. During play, 940 points or more will trigger 1 of the 3 jackpots including:

Prize PointsJackpot Awarded
940+Minor Jackpot
960+Major Jackpot
980+Mega Jackpot


What is the Prize Punch LuckyTap RTP?

The RTP for Prize Punch LuckyTap is 95.20%. For every £10 bet, the average return to player is £9.52 based on long periods of play.

Does Prize Punch LuckyTap contain a jackpot?

Prize Punch LuckyTap features 3 progressive jackpot prizes that are added to after bets made from all players. On any round, a score of 940 points or more will award 1 of the 3 jackpots with a score of 980+ awarding the highest tier of jackpot prize.

Can I play Prize Punch LuckyTap on mobile?

Get the gloves up on the go as Prize Punch LuckyTap is fully compatible on all mobile devices. Sign up to MrQ today and play over 900 real money mobile slots and casino games.

How to win Prize Punch LuckyTap?

The way to win in Prize Punch LuckyTap is to have your punch score 300 points or more with prizes dependent on your total score. Scoring up to 900 will award up to 9 cash prizes with a score of 940 or more activating 1 of 3 progressive jackpot prizes.

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