A fun, funky online slot game with five different wild features to help you win big.

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Slot RTP:95.8
Min/Max Bet:10p/£50
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Babushkas is an adorable slot game that looks like it was knitted by your nanna. It’s pretty pastel colours, knitted textures, and funky Russian folk music ooze with charm and appeal that makes you want to play.

The Russian dolls offer never-ending fun and the seven pay table symbols are adorable. They start as big babies and grow smaller and older, kind of like a wooden Benjamin Button.

Joining the cute anti-ageing Russian dolls, are big, brawny bear dolls aka the Bear Feature. There are three types of bears all with their own special feature – but more on that later.

Just like your nanna, Babushkas want to give you money. They want you to win big. So, grab your drink of choice and come home to the cosiness of the little old ladies from Russia.

How to play

Babushkas use a 3x5 playboard with 13 different pay table symbols. To score a win, match the symbols to any of the 17 different winning combination payline.

Pay table symbols (from least to most valuable)

  • Green Doll
  • Blue Doll
  • Purple Doll
  • Pink Doll
  • Red Doll
  • Orange Doll
  • Yellow Doll

Bonus symbols

  • Wild symbol
  • Scare Bear
  • Charm Bear
  • Dance Bear
  • Ghost symbol

Bonus features

In Babushkas, the wild symbol can only appear on the middle reel and substitutes any other pay table symbol. If the wild symbol has a star on the front, this will trigger any of the three wild bear features.

The Charm Bear will take all of the symbols on the playboard and upgrade them once, which is basically money in your pocket.

The Scare Bear feature will take all of the lowest valued symbols on the board and upgrade them. Kind of like making them “jump” into a higher value. This can happen up to three times and increases your chances of winning.

The Dance Bear is our favourite bear because it brings the fun to the party and awards seven free spins and a new wild egg will appear on every spin.

All winning symbols of the same value upgrade to the next higher value symbol when this creates new or longer winning combination lines.

If all 15 symbols on the play board are of the same value, after winning symbol upgrades, they will be upgraded one more time. If your symbol upgrades to the Ghost symbol, the highest symbol, then a special award is won.

Babushkas bonus

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