Sweet Alchemy

Make your way through this slot creating sweets as you go - will you win some treasure?

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Slot RTP:94.5
Min/Max Bet:10p/£100
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About Sweet Alchemy

Combining classic confectionery with chemistry, Sweet Alchemy does exactly what it says on the tin. This bright slot from Play’n Go sees us making sweet treats with the alchemist herself, as she stirs the swirling mixture in her cauldron. A soft, ethereal track plays, punctuated with sound effects when something occurs - as Cluster Pays are used instead of conventional paylines, there’s plenty of chance for that! Sit back, enjoy a sugary snack and take in the visually-pleasing graphics on show here - perhaps you can be the next Sweet Alchemist?

How to play Sweet Alchemy

This play board is quite large, a 5x5 square with 25 symbols altogether. As a result, there aren’t any paylines - this slot instead utilises Cluster Pays, so you just need to find 4 matching symbols which are touching either horizontally or vertically. When you get a combination, the winning symbols are removed, as more symbols fall down to take their place. There are 8 sweets to watch out for, all different colours and shapes, and they can pay out generously, with the chance to win £30 from a £1 bet if you’re lucky enough. However, there are 2 different Wild symbols too - they all act as substitutes, but there’s a difference between them. Striped Wilds will remove the entire row or column when forming part of a win, while Dotted Wilds will remove all instances of a random symbol when forming part of a win.

Bonus features

In a bid to keep you sweet, there are a few interesting bonus features here. Take the Sugar Rush Meter - every winning symbol contributes to the meter, and as you fill it, Special Wilds will appear on the symbols. Next up is the Mix the Elixir Free Round, which is triggered when the Sugar Rush Meter is completely filled. This will take 38 winning symbols in a round, but it’s worth the wait! When the round starts, it features 3 Candy Spells, with up to 7 available as every further 3 winning symbols gives you another one. You play the round on a 9x9 grid, so there are plenty of symbols to look at, and you just need to collect the required symbols by including them in winning clusters. You have 3 collection levels in total, and the Alchemist will help us by creating more Candy Spells - as you move through the bonus, you’ll move up the map and could get some winnings from the Treasure Chests if you’re lucky. Has winning ever tasted so sweet?

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