Gemix 2

Visit different worlds and match gems for your chance to win!

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Paylines:Cluster Pays
Min/Max Bet:10p/£20
Slot RTP:96.26%
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About Gemix 2

The sequel to Play’n Go’s Gemix, Gemix 2 slot sees us at a castle in the clouds, ready to match some symbols together into clusters!

There are a whole host of exciting sweet-style symbols in lots of different shapes and symbols, and the aim of the game is to match them in clusters of five or more for money.

The Crystal Charge circle charges up with winning symbols, and when you get 25 it’ll trigger the Crystal Charge feature, giving you one of four great modifiers - at 50, you’ll get another treat, and again at 100.

Clear the patterns as set out on the play board, and you’ll get to progress to different worlds with different mythical creatures and fairy-tale characters, and wins will increase the World Bonus, which you can win when you see the elusive G-Nome fellow.

In each world, there are special wilds too, which can help you rack up some big wins before you return back to the real world...

How to play Gemix 2

  1. Choose your wager and then click Spin.
  2. Watch the symbols land on the 7x7 square grid..
  3. Land symbols in clusters of five or more to win some real cash.
  4. On a winning spin, before you spin again wait for the winning symbols to disappear, causing new symbols to cascade down and giving you more chances to win!
  5. Keep an eye on the Crystal Charge circle - 25 symbols will fully charge it and activate one of four effects.

Pay table symbols (based on a £1 stake)

Based on a stake of £1

  • Blue Rectangle - 15+: £4 12+: £2 10+: £1 9: 70p 8: 50p 7: 30p 6: 20p 5: 10p
  • Turquoise Triangle - 15+: £5 12+: £2.50 10+: £1.20 9: 80p 8: 60p 7: 40p 6: 30p 5: 20p
  • Purple Square - 15+: £7 12+: £3 10+: £1.50 9: £1 8: 70p 7: 50p 6: 40p 5: 30p
  • Green Triangle - 15+: £10 12+: £4 10+: £2 9: £1.50 8: £1 7: 70p 6: 60p 5: 50p
  • Orange Flower - 15+: £25 12+: £8 10+: £4 9: £3 8: £2 7: £1.20 6: £1 5: 80p
  • Pink Moon - 15+ £50 12+: £15 10+: £7.50 9: £4 8: £3 7: £2 6: £1.50 5: £1
  • Red Heart - 15+: £100 12+: £30 10+: £10 9: £5 8: £4 7: £2.50 6: £2 5: £1.50
  • Gold Star - 15+: £200 12+: £75 10+: £25 9: £8 8: £5 7: £4 6: £3 5: £2.50

Bonus symbols

  • Wild - Substitutes for all symbols.
  • Mega Wild - Substitutes for all symbols with a x1 multiplier.

Bonus features

In Gemix 2, there are bonus features galore! Fill the Crystal Charge circle up and you’ll win either Nova Blast, where a symbol explodes to destroy and transform adjacent symbols, Crystal Warp, in which a symbol is targeted and all matching symbols are warped to other symbols, Light Beam, where a symbol shoots out - you guessed it - light beams, and transforms other symbols, or Chain Lightning, in which two corner symbols are connected with a chain of lightning, with all hit symbols transformed into one of the corner symbols.

Get 50 symbols and you’ll trigger Super Charge, where all effects are activated simultaneously and you get a 2x multiplier too, while every additional 50 symbols will increase the multiplier by two, up to x20.

You’ll find a couple of patterns on the board that you’ll need to clear, and by doing so you’ll progress from world to world. Get wins to increase the World Bonus too - when moving from world to world you’ll be paid a visit by the travelling merchant G-Nome.

Just pick one of his pockets for the chance to win the World Bonus! In each world, extra wilds can appear too. In the first world, up to two mega wilds can appear, acting as one and substituting for all symbols with a 1x multiplier. In the second, up to ten wilds can appear, while in the third there’s a wild that can spread from edge to edge. Finally, in the fourth world, up to five sticky wilds can appear.


Can I trigger free spins on Gemix 2?

No, but when you get a winning spin the board will spin again with new symbols on the board, to give you more chances to win.

How much can I win on Gemix 2?

The max win on Gemix 2 slot is 7,500x your total bet.

What is the Gemix 2 RTP (Payout Percentage)

Gemix 2 has a return to player, or RTP, of 96.26% - this is the payout percentage you can expect to receive back over a long period of play.

Where can I play Gemix 2?

You can play Gemix 2, along with plenty of other unique slots, right here at MrQ!

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