Extreme 7

Can you handle the pressure in Extreme 7? It’s not for the faint-hearted...

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Slot RTP: 93.11
Min/Max Bet:25p/£25
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About Extreme 7

There are big prizes here. Extreme 7 is a slot that takes the form of a basic machine with traditional symbols, but there’s a lot riding on this offering from Green Jade Games. There’s no time to ease yourself in - straight away, the driving riffs of the classic rock soundtrack make an appearance, as does the glamour and shine of the graphics. A gold-rimmed play board sits on a grandiose pink background, exuding class and elegance - are you ready to win big? There aren’t any extra features or games here - the power is in the spin, and you could end up going home with some big winnings indeed...

How to play Extreme 7

With the main draw of the game being the big wins, everything else is quite stripped-back. There are just 3 reels, which take the form of a typical slot machine, and 5 paylines, which are all horizontal and diagonal lines. The lowest-value symbol is the Bar symbol, but even this will get you £10 from a £1 bet. The 7 symbol is a little more valuable, as you can win £16 or if it’s a triple symbol, £18. It’s the Diamond symbol where the big money really comes in though, as you can win £100 from 3 regular Diamond symbols, and a huge £300 when you get 3 triple Diamond symbols. There’s a mini paytable on the left-hand side of your screen for reference, but that’s really all there is to it. You simply need to spin big to win big!

Bonus features

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