Winner Takes All

The Winner Takes All room is a game of bingo where there can only be one champion. Every penny of ticket sales adds to the jackpot, so the winner really does... take all. Open all day, every day this is a fun game for everyone.

75 Ball
All day
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The game

This is a game of bingo you won’t want to miss. With all ticket revenue contributing to the jackpot and just one prize – the winner really does take it all. At 10p, it’s your choice to how much you want to play for.

Whether you like a game before work, in the afternoon or late at night, the Winner Takes All room is open 24 hours a day. This means you’ll be able to get involved whenever the mood takes you.

How to play

A game of 75 ball bingo is simple. Buy your tickets in the lobby, wait for the game to start and wait for the numbers to roll in. The aim of the game is simple, match the numbers to the pattern on your 5x5 grid ticket to win!

The balls are numbered 1-75 and are called out one by one. Worried about missing a number? You don’t need to because our autodabber makes sure you never do.

Your ticket should look something like this: Bingo 75 ticket

When to play

The Winner takes all room will be open 24 hours a day, everyday.

The Winner Takes All room is open all day, every day and it’s available for everyone! Games start every 30 minutes and whether you prefer playing in the morning or evening, there will be a game for you.

See our timetable below:

Winner Takes All schedule

How to win

There is one way to win 75 ball bingo, sometimes known as pattern bingo. Unlike 90 ball, instead of marking off all the numbers, you need to be the first to match a set pattern of numbers to win.

The pattern is displayed on the left hand side of the room and It’s also on your ticket. Match the numbers to that pattern before anyone else and you're the winner!

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